Monday, August 03, 2009

what's in a name?

Quite a frikken lot actually.

So as you know we don't know if the baby is a he or a she. We're all set for a girl. Have had the girl's name for years. It has even been mentioned on this blog... don't bother, you won't find it :)
But boy names... not so simple.

Here are the criteria for a boy's name:
It must be strong, manly, perhaps short. not sure tho.

Unfortunately I have a negative connotation for just about every boy's name that's thrown my way. I am quite painful in that regard. (Obviously kissed too many boys in my skanky varsity days. joking people!)

Any suggestions for me to tear apart?


Mrs. Holly Hall said...


(and that's off the top of my head! Have fun dissecting!)

ExMi said...

i LOVE the names tristan, lee, reid and sam for a boy.

Ches said...

Gaviscon for a boy.

Hyundai for a girl.

Tamara said...

Hahaha... Ches cracks me up ;-)

I have a list of names NOT to choose (hope you don't know people with these names):

Brendan: Means stinky hair (I kid you not)
Cameron: (means crooked nose. Funny, seeing both Camerons I know do have crooked noses)
Randy: self-explanatory.
John: Means toilet in slang. Also, every letter he gets will be a "Dear John". Poor dude!
Barney: The one from How I Met your Mother might be legen...dary, but the purple dinosaur is not.
Cosmo: With your surname, a definite no-no. If you don't get the reference, Google it ;-)

Other than that, I got nothing!

Caz said...

You guys are great.

Mrs HH: None of those are blegh. well done! I particularly like one of them.... in fact you happen to have listed our leading contender :)

Exmi: all very hot names but none of them is The One

Ches: I DO owe a great debt to Gav that's for dam sure

Tamara: Seriously on Brendan?? That is so siff. haha. And hear you loud and clear on the cosmo - we are major addicts!

po said...

All the boys in the UK are called Cuan (spelling?) or Kieran or Callum or Ewan or other variations on that Irishy theme so if you want to avoid your kid being the same as everyone else, you know what to avoid!

Personally if I have a kid boy, I will name him Duncan, second name Donut :)

Kimberly said...


Caz said...

LOL at Po - I like! Know a very nice Duncan - capt of the SA Waterpolo team in fact.

Kimberly... you have TWO of the names I am considering. QUINTON is not one of them though... I had a friend called Quinton and he entered Idols and made a right idiot of himself. hehe he never really lived it down!