Friday, July 31, 2009

random friday thoughts

The Band is sick. He got a blood test for malaria this morning. Sure it's going to come back clear as he was in madagascar about 6 weeks ago. But not great to see him feeling so rough.

It will cost me R500 per day to upgrade from a general to a private ward when i pop. Is R1000 worth it? anyone out there had a kid in a SA private hospital and have some advice?

4 weeks from today is my last day of work. Bring it on. Can't wait. Stuff loads to do between now and then but the end is nigh. fanfrikkentastic.


Tamara said...

Shame... hope the Band is doing better? Hope the four weeks fly by for you.

Caz said...

thanks lady. he seems to be on the mend!

ExMi said...

it's kinda cool having someone else in the ward with you - someone to talk to, someone to keep an eye on your kid while you pop out to the loo/for a shower.

someone to ask questions and make sure you're doing shit right.

i'm glad i wasn't alone in my ward - it was a semi-private, so it was just me and one other chick.

trust me - you don't need to be by yourself.

once you're home from hospital and the band carries on working, you'll start to get lonely, so enjoy the company while you can!

Caz said...

hmmm will give it some thought.

With all the family / friends planning trips to CT to visit us the kid in the next few months I think i would RELISH a bit of loneliness :)