Tuesday, August 18, 2009

cool stuff i got for being knocked up

so far i've had 2 baby showers - one when I was home in the Eastern Cape in June and one at work last week. I haven't even shown you any of my cute presents yet.
ok so actually "they're not for me". Whatever. Lets be honest here. Cute stuff is for me. The baby will get excited about discovering it's own fingers. I doubt he/she's gonna be too taken by the stuff below at this stage. But I totally am.

Cute little African animals... yep, even a sable. This kid will love Africa!

There's that scene in How I met your mother where Robyn sees the baby socks and she's overs. That's me. Socks are very underrated. Those white ones on the left are minute - about 4cm long.

WHAT? You are using reusable nappies? Are you insane? Bla bla bla. Yes I am. What kind of composting, recycling, carpooling vegetarian would I be if I flooded the landfills with disposables?! Fear not. I also stand to save about R12K by going this route (and that's just on my FIRST child!!)

Awesome sheepskin mocassins. I really wish they fitted me.

Of course there is plenty plenty more, but you are probably all caz's baby'd out by now so I will spare you.


Anonymous said...

Baby socks are the cutest things ever!

Being Brazen said...

I soooo remember that scene from How I met your mother. It was too cute. Robyn steals the sock cause its so cute. LOL

Love your animal collection - cute!

Ches said...

Dig the Springbok, just dig it!

Glugster said...

Have never seen a Sable stuffed animal before! Be carefull. Sable are very agressive......

acidicice said...

When I was last pregnant I also received a tiny pair of baby sock...white ones...SO CUTE! They were packed away for a while...but I'll be hauling them out soon!

I'll probably also have a work baby shower and a separate one at home - can't wait. I are loving presents (and yes, they're for both of us!)

*ahem* add me to your blog list dammit!

Kaylen said...

Presents are great!! And super cute ones that are spendy that you really really want but probably wouldn't want to pay for are the BEST!! Like litle sheepskin mocassins--LOVE them!!!