Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Noon

Today would be my gran's 90th birthday. WOW. She made it just past 89.
If she was alive today I guess we'd all be gathered in East London to celebrate such a milestone with her. She LOVED her birthday about as much as me (and that's something!) I guess it was because she had grandchildren from all over the planet phoning her and sending her special gifts.

On her birthday she'd ussually go out for lunch with my folks at Grazias, a fancy East London restaurant overlooking the sea. She'd inevitably order a glass of white - probably Lyric - and sole or prawns and though she looked busy with it, she wouldn't make a very big dent in the meal. She'd end the meal with a cup of coffee.

She would have already walked up to the post office this morning to check for gifts - if any had arrived in advance she may well have snuck a peak. When I was small my regular gift for her was an assortment of jams. She likes to have a different flavour every day. She loved chocolate but due to migraines could only eat white chocolate... or so she claimed. When we sorted out her home after she died we found regular chocolate... sly!

She had special names for people. My dad was "My Richie". My mom was "Barb". My brothers were Marky boo, H.H. (for handsome hunk) and she called me Carrie but would usually say (none too subtly) "You know I love you best in all the world". Perhaps the only real competition for my gran's heart was Phoebe, our border collie. "Oh, I DO love that dog" she'd state emphatically as if anyone would ever question it.

Noon, today is your birthday and I was the one opening all the gifts. My colleagues at work surprised me with a baby shower and people - some of whose names I rarely get right - stunned me with their generosity. Piles and piles of gifts for your great grandchild. I wish I could share this time with you. I wish I had had the opportunity to tell you that if this baby is a girl, she'll be named after you. A better role model I can't imagine.


Ches said...

Wow! That's a good inninings.

My grand parents all died or lost their minds when I was never really knew them so I always dig hanging with old people...something about their wisdom.

Happy Birthday to your Gran in the beyond.

Ches said...

PS. Caz, iF you would like me to do a header for you I can. Either email me a pic (or ideas) or I'll just use the one above.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


hugs hugs hugs hugs

and more huggsss

happy birthday to noon!

Caz said...

thanks lady xxx

Being Brazen said...

awww...sweet post

Tamara said...

Gorgeous post! So special to remember things you love about Noon.

Slyde said...

i love people extra hard when they have a good relationship with their grandparents...

mine was my best friend. 6 months gone now. i miss him everyday.

Caz said...

thanks guys. Slyde i know... and time goes so fast and so slow all at once