Monday, August 10, 2009

this weekend

has been a bit depro for me. I've managed to do not all that much. for once there were no birthday things, no 21sts. well we did have people over for saturday brunch and saturday dinner but other than that been chillin. so why am i so blegh?
maybe it's the weather. crap weather. maybe i'm just really really missing my gran today. maybe it's coz when i'm feeling the merest bit depro I put on depro music and indulge in it.

My current depro playlist includes:
Run - snow patrol
100 years - five for fighting
if you're gone - matchbox 20
broken - lifehouse
fix you - coldplay

what are your depro inducing favourites? any suggestions for me to add so i can indulge even more?


S. said...

cheer up. sometimes we all have crummy days. it will be better if not later then for sure tomorrow!

Caz said...

of course you are right and of course the day improved and today is fine.
Just missing my gran.

Ches said...

Damein Rice.

Shame, what happened to your Gran?

Caz said...

She died. Nearly a year ago crazily enough... check it here...

Tamara said...

I have lots of depro music...

- Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
- most songs on Coldplay's older albums
- Streets of London
- Most songs off Wet Wet Wet's Picture This album
- Yesterday by the Beatles