Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Band is Hammy

The Band is nesting. Well... i don't know if it's nesting per se, but it's that sort of concept. Maybe a better term would be stockpiling. Or storing up. Or PREPARING. He has gone into Hammy mode.

C'mon guys, you remember Hammy from Over the Hedge? He needs to get all prepared for winter so he stores up stuff? I *think* that was Hammy? Well either way, Hammy was the cute one so I'll stick to it.

Suddenly he is buying all the odds and ends we still need.

"But The Band," I try to tell him; "I can get these cheaper through the antenatal class chick"
"Doesn't matter. Let's just get it so we have it."

Ha... you guys think that is an arb convo to share?? This is coming from a man who in the past would rather buy 3 toothpastes for the price of 2 in a flavour that he hates simply coz of the deal. This is a man who stayed in a cottage WITH NO DRINKING WATER for 2 years coz of the deal. This is a man who had a diet of "budget burgers" (R30 for 30 patties) for months on end* coz of the deal.
Now he is scoffing at a R40 saving!?

Definitely some kind of fathering instinct setting in. Plus today when I got home he has repacked the hospital bag (which we packed the other night amid much hilarity... I was going to take pics of some of the scary ass things that go into a labour bag but thought it may be too traumatic for you guys) and added all kinds of extra stuff. I've decided not to peek.

It really is very cute.

Anyway blogger is giving me hassles so the rest will have to go in a seperate post.

*The end of the pattie era came when he discovered an artery in one one day. I kid you not. I should perhaps mention that to be fair all these budget bargaining horror stories did happen while we were students and despite The Band having been quite the bargain hunter from the start where he himself is concerned, he also happens to be the most generous guy I know.


Tamara said...

Hehehe... It's funny how babies change people!

I have just watched a guy friend of mine do the exact opposite when he had a kid. He's always been the free-spending, let's-treat-ourselves, why not? kinda guy. Until the baby. Now he's become super practical and budget conscious...

"But is it also waterproof?"

"That other one had more features and it was 20% less!"

"We don't really need this 2nd home theatre system. How about buying that compactum* for baby instead?"

*Also a word he has recently learnt ;-)

Caz said...

hahaha it is very sweet! I was never all that broody but what did make me really want to get pregnant was the idea of experiencing something like that with The Band. It's an incredible adventure for a couple. You and TSC will love it when the time is right!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

My husband, who will drive 20 miles out of his way to grab various steals and deals....................

buys the pricey pink princess bandaids (15 in a box) .

and pirate bandaids (15 in a box) .

You can get a whole box (100) for a few bucks.

because he loves our kids. and it is so very very touching and cute those bandaids :)

Yay! Daddies are the best!

so happy for you and the band.

Disgusting, yet delightful story about the patties! :)

Tamara said...

And that time will not be for a long while yet! (Please, Lord)