Friday, August 07, 2009

Freakish dreams

So last night at the prenatal class thingmajig we learnt all about labour. Needless to say I had weird dreams all night and the evening slumber was not helped by the fact that i woke at 3.30 with excrutiating calf cramps. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? How can i be all "pregnancy is a piece of cake" if all these little annoyances start happening. No man. I am nearly done - it must go smooth to the end thanks. But seriously, it was BLUDDY sore. The Band had to give me a massage and then I couldn't sleep for ages and when I did I dreamt of GIANT (metre long) bottles of Gaviscon.

You know Gav's become a big part of your life when you are dreaming of him.


Ches said...

I was just about to say. Need to lay off the Gav, that stuffs crazy!

Gill said...

Owww, I remember those calf cramps from my pregnancies. Nothing worse than waking up in insane pain!!

Tamara said...

I believe Creme Soda is almost as good as Gav.

But that might be bollocks too.

Worth a try though?