Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plans to keep Caz sane in the home which has become a commune

• Start inviting all my GIRL mates over ALL THE TIME.... I like this one.

• Start escaping to my girl’s places.

• Start talking about siff girl things like the menstrual cycle, the woes of pregnancy, etc. At meal times.

• Ask the guys to help me with things like ironing and folding baby clothes.

• Be the one to choose the DVDs... (you, me and dupree for starters – thanks T) and ensure they have not so subtle subliminal messages on them!

• Start cooking only for me... claim the whole pregnant vegetarian thing.

• Stop wiping up and cleaning compulsively and let it all slide.

• Wait for the next inevitable call from a telemarketer and give them the phone numbers of my honorary housemates.

Ok guys... i need your suggestions here....


Ookami Snow said...

Here is something that I have wanted to try on someone who I can get access to their phone:

Set up a Twitter account for the phone and then set a password for it so that the real phone owner can't change the settings. (You will need access to the phone to set up the account).

Then sign up the phone to get updates from Twitter accounts that have no point but update regularly. (Like weather updates for Little Rock, Arkansas)

Act innocent and laugh every time they get an update when you are with them, and make it a point to say that they should get those updates turned off.

It should take a few weeks to find out that someone with access to their phone must have set it up in the first place.

po said...


Caz said...

Ha ha ha you guys are diabolical, I love it!! OS - the twitter thing.. i like it. Just need to figure it out (technophobe) and then I'm all over it like white on rice!

Bruce said...

The next four months are not going to be pretty....and then it is going to get worse......

Tamara said...

Buy a breast pump and nipple cream and leave them lying on the kitchen countertop in full view.

Talk often about how nice it is not to have a period while you're pregnant. Mention how grumpy it made you and how you never would have coped with people in your house all the time.

Treat them like your personal staff... "Oh! My back is killing me. Would you mind finishing up the dishes?"

Bribe them with chocolate - one bar for every hour they're out the house.

Cook for everyone - bean curd every night. No animal products at all "because they make you nauseous" or some such. The more awful your cooking, the less people you'll have around for mealtimes.

Meegyn said...

Leave them to their own devices and come on over to my place. I'll make you a virgin cocktail to remind you of those days and give you a pedi ;)