Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bugger it.

So either the hormones have kicked in or I am just needing sleep and space. Perhaps a combination.

At the moment our mate J is staying with us (since beginning of April til we move at end June). Since he has been there, Harry (who lives in the flat on the property) BASICALLY lives there as well. These guys are great. Don't get me wrong, but it gets a bit much. Sometimes I just want to shlop around in my undies. Sometimes I don't want to be wiping up after everyone every five minutes. I am a germaphobe, no denying that. Sharing a kitchen with 3 guys is... stretching.

Plus I am very conscious of the fact that this would be the last time that it's actually just The Band and I. Come September, there will be kids in the house for the next couple of decades! Except that this can't be the last time, because we aren't alone.

Again, let me say that the guys are great and it's not them, and it's lots of fun and lots of laughs, but sometimes I just need my space. I think what I battle with is that The Band doesn't really see it. He is a boy, after all, so it doesn't affect him. In fact for him it's probably the ultimate - mates and woman all having a fun time. Boys are so different. They don't seem to need privacy like girls do. I love cooking, but cooking for 4 pretty much every night? a bit much.

Of course I got no sleep last night for some unknown reason so I am grumpy as hell this morning. This morning I found something dodgy looking in my porridge and had to flee the kitchen. To go cry. Pathetic but true. I need my sleep people. I am grumpy as hell without it.


Being Brazen said...

you sounds like you need some sleep and a hug *hugs*

Meegyn said...

blame it on the hormones... that works ... milk that one babes, while you have the opportunity!!!

Hels said...

I think you're a real trooper! not so sure I would handle it all so well - even if Mother Teresa or Brad Pitt were staying (well, maybe Brad! ;). I NEED my space! not to mention my beauty sleep which is a necessity! Perhaps a quiet little word with The Band would help him see the light (or if not, I think a little tantrum could be quite fun! :)

Gill said...

You are amazing to be coping with this going on in your life at all. I go completely nuts if we have guests staying over for more than two nights!! No matter how much I love them or how great they are. Being pregnant at the same time would push me right over the edge!

Caz said...

thanks ladies :)
I think I'm going to start by striking a bit on the cooking thing perhaps and then also not feeling obliged to be socialable but rather just vegging in the bath or my bed.

I just got a call from a funeral policy sales person and after declining, gave her harry's number. haha J is next :)

Tamara said...

Hehehehe... telemarketers - the ultimate revenge.

Hire You Me and Dupreez on DVD, make them watch it with you and strategically point out similarities in the situations.