Friday, May 29, 2009

How you people find me

Oooh I'm so excited! All the cool bloggers always do posts like this and I've always been too technologically stunted to figure it out. Thanks to a bit of help though - thanks lady (",)- I am now on stat counter, receiving my weekly reports and musing over my statistical analysis. mmm not quite but sounded good.

Some of the search phrases that lead people to this blog are:
Dying in boot camp (that’s about right)
Jock strap fetish (because of this post)
Five interesting facts about flame throwers (coz of this post)
Lithuanian booty (well!!)
My hormones are raging (well, I am knocked up after all!)
Arizona supreme court (no idea!!!)
Happy hole (?????best not to comment here I think!)

Anyway, I'll take whatever freakish readers I can get!! Welcome Oompaloompas of the internet!


Ches said...

I think 'Lithunaian booty' was how I found you, Caz.

Being Brazen said...

Ha ha ha ha !!! - classic