Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a week

SERIOUSLY!! (yes, yes, I do watch to much Grey's Anatomy and I SERIOUSLY wish they'd get a move on with producing more episodes)

So as I mentioned, anniversary night was marred by my husbands retching. It was a couple of days before he was healthy again.. Friday night I got back from work and ran over the band's dog. Needless to say, after that I was the one vomiting.

Loyal readers (anyone? ANYONE??) will remember my issues with the dogs. Click here for a refresher. Anyway, contrary to popular opinion I certainly would never try to run over an animal. Not even zac, though we have certainly not always seen eye to eye (there's an ongoing power struggle between us for the band's affection - he thinks he was there first, but please, the band was Definitely already loving me back then... I mean "zac" is "caz" backwards after all.. subliminal messaging people, I am not immune.

ANYWAY!!! so there was much retching from me following the incident (ok, fine, the retching was the next day and may not have actually been related) but I did feel terrible. Zac was crying and limping and stuff. So he was taken to the vet who suggested leaving him for the weekend to see if he improved and checking back on monday. So monday came with no improvement and x-rays were taken. Turns out Zac's hip was out of joint (SINCE FRIDAY!!!!!!!) Heebee jeebeees!!!

One of my best friends was in a car accident a while back. It was really bad - to give you some idea, he had to have 8 hours worth of brain surgery, reconnecting of nerves in his arms, etc etc etc, but when he got to the hospital from the accident all he kept saying to us was that it's his hip, that he can't handle the hip being out of joint. THAT'S HOW AWFUL IT IS!!!!!

So our poor pooch had that the WHOLE WEEKEND!!! Don't ask me how the vet didn't pick that up when we first took him!! But SHAME!!

Also, and most exciting, is that the vet reckons I didn't run over zac at all... that he just lost his balance and popped his hip out when he was running behind the car.

Anyway, that was just the most recent ordeal in the life and times of caz and her band. seriously


Samantha said...

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Tamara said...

Eish! The poor dog. For dogs that are supposed to be remarkably robust, Jack Russels seem quite accident prone. My co-worker, Lisa, is at the vet nearly every week with one of hers. Not that she minds - she thinks the vet is sexy. Maybe she even runs the dogs over on purpose :)

Will let you know when I've done my list.

Your doppelganger.