Monday, February 04, 2008

50 things you didn't know about me

1. I am one of the most relaxed people i know (except when it comes to Vodacom... but let's not go there)

2. I have an uncanny sense of smell. I could be a sniffer dog. Seriously. My band can't eat a thing without me knowing. And i'm accurate too!

3. I have three older brothers, no sisters, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

4. Despite my sweet exterior I'm physically quite aggressive - I was a demon in the waterpolo pool! Vicious!

5. I watch my words and am quite ordentlik in general, but I occasionally slip the word F*@# into general conversation to see if people notice and to watch my band's face.

6. I absolutely can not handle toilet references, toilet humour, etc. I am completely uncomfortable with it. People are generally very surprised by this. I'm not the prissiest person around. But it's one thing I can't take. Think it might be due to growing up under 3 brothers.

7. I have the most detailed, clear dreams almost every night and i always remember them.

8. I bake a MEAN apple crumble.

9. I adore my parents and speak to them just about every day. They are two of the funniest people I know and very dodgy!

10. I hate full panties. They creep up my bum. I'm a total g-string girl.

11. I never shout. I prefer the deathly silent approach to conflict but there's one exception:

12. ROADRAGE. I find it hugely gratifying to scream at idiot drivers. It makes me happy.

13. I was born on my mom's birthday. She never knew what i'd be and for 9 months and 2 weeks she'd been praying for a girl, then finally out I popped. Happy Birthday Mom!

14. I have developed some kind of allergy on my wedding ring finger. I have to wear my ring on my right hand coz for the past year as soon as i try switch back my finger gets all red and inflamed.

15. Despite #14 I adore married life. I think if you work at it, it is one of the most underrated practices of our times and gets a disproportionately bad rap in the media.

16. I get a handwritten letter in the post once a week from my gran and she gets one back from me.

17. I am a sub-editing nut. I automatically sub-edit things as I read them and I actually enjoy it. I'm amazed at how many errors make it past sub-editors in the media. My best one in recent times was a picture in the Cape Times. The caption below the pic read: "CAPTION: Two line caption please two line caption please two line caption please two line caption please two line caption please"

18. I hate the uneccessary use of the quotation marks. For example Toys "R" us. Yes, thanks, we get it. You are very cleverly and originally shortening the word 'are' to 'R' and just in case we think you have made a mistake you have put those helpful little quotation marks there to show us. Can "U" please "B" less "irrit8ing"??

19. When I was 12 and we were all getting ready for our first school 'disco' I overheard a school friend laughing saying that I'm such a clown that she can't imagine me dancing. I've had a complex when I dance ever since.

20. I fully believe that I started the whole trend on green as a wedding colour. Every one has copied me on it.

21. My favourite part of a meal at a shmancy restaurant is the warm, dense bread and butter they bring before. DAM IT'S GOOD!

22. I notice the way people speak and can become a little obsessive about it. We had this one lecturer from Gabon and his crutch word was 'actually' pronounced 'uck-tchoo-wuh-lee". Where others would say 'um' he'd say actually. So it would be like "So actually for sustainable development to actually work we actually need to bring in community development actually as an element." I used to spend his lectures counting the actualies. I think i got to over 200 once.

23. I absolutely hate the smell of strawberry yoghurt. BLEGH it makes me want to spew. My office sharer eats one every day and I open all the doors and windows and throw it in the kitchen bin afterwards. I suspect she eats them more often now she knows it nauseates me.

24.I don't have a tv - we watch dvds etc, but there's no tv connection. I never plan to get one.

25. My gran had breast cancer and so did my mom. My mom is fine now. My gran died. My chances of getting breast cancer are very high. I like to think it doesn't bother me or freak me out, but every now and then I have a dream about it, so I know it's in there somewhere plaguing me a little.

26. I am rooting for Britney Spears.

27. I love owls.

28. When I get a fright my feet ache. I think all the adrenalin rushes down there or something.

29. I love cheesy humour. Actually, that shouldn't be on this list.. im sure you did know that about me.

30. My favourite place in the world is the Wild Coast. I love everything about it. The people, the smells, the views, the cows, the sea, the food. It's definitely my happy place.

31. I hate blowing up balloons. It gives me a creepy feeling in my glands. It's vile.

32. I am a narcoleptic. Ok, not quite, but I do like my sleep and it's rare that i make it through a dvd or movie (even at the cinema) without a little nap inbetween. Nothing like a drawn out fight scene to cure insomnia. If i'm with good friends I can fall asleep right in the middle of the conversation.

33. My ears are the most (unpleasantly) sensitive part of my body. I can't stand anyone being near them.

34. The solution to all my problems is a hot bubble bath. If I'm tired, sick, depressed, or whatever I hop in the bath. I think a water birth would work well for me.

35. I am a mild germophobe. I wash my hands after touching anything public.

36. I eat pizza and fruit with cutlery. I hate having sticky fingers.

37. I love series like Lost, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy and 24, but my best show of all time is Seinfeld. Elaine is my hero.

38. I’m a laid back type and most comfortable in slops and shorts, but since I started this job I have upped the preppiness. I think you should dress for the job you want not the one you have, so I am.

39. I’m the chick you always see singing her lungs out in the traffic.

40. I have caught crocodiles with my bare hands and hitchhiked through Botswana.

41. I won this big poetry competition in grade 11 and have never lived it down.

42. I cannot take angelina jolie and since her, I think Brad Pitt is a total wuss.

43. I harbour secret fantasies about someone trying to break in/attack me and me sorting them out good and proper! (see #4) I believe that they would come off second best - I would have pure rage on my side.

44. I find most babies completely intimidating and their mother's even more so. My friend kate who has a 2 month old is (unbeknown to her) helping me conquer this. She's fantastic and doesn't pour on the guilt or panic when the baby cries in my arms. KATE YOU ROCK!

45. There are few things as cool as receiving something personal in the post.

46. My first car (which i had in my first couple of years at varsity) was a Nissan Pulsar (nicknamed Breyton of course). It was a little hatchback thing which has already had 3 owners in my family alone! A broom handle held the boot open when necessary. Oil needed filling once a week. I think that the sound system (inherited from my brother) may just have been worth more than the car. At the end of it, we sold Breyton for R4000. I loved that car and when my (future) kids want cars one day, I'll teach them humility by starting them off on a breyton. A 3rd class drive is better than a first class walk. Oh geez. I officially just turned into my dad!!

47. I am a birthday and christmas nut. And yes, OBVIOUSLY the presents are a beeeg bonus, but i also love that on Christmas I get to bond with all my fam and on my birthday I always hear from the most random people that I haven't heard from in a year. I love that!

48. I am the eternal optimist and enter every competition I can. I sms all those product things and visit Win Now. Last month I won a pair of binoculars for the winning letter in the latest Wildside Magazine.

49. I have two tubs of bubbles on my desk from a wedding I went to. Stressed colleagues tend to come in, sit down and start blowing bubbles. It seems to be very therapeutic.

50. What he said:


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

8 - me too! baked a killer one yesterday, luke and his best friend flattened it!!

9 - so over g-strings. i have discovered the hot pants. them dont creep. they're great!

12 - even though i'm not a driver, i suffer from roadrage too. when luke and i are driving, people get the finger frequently. i flipped off some lady's 12yo son (he was in the passenger seat) he got such a fright!

13 - my kid was conceived on valentine's day....

18 - totally agree. gives me the absolute shits.

41 - me dad still has my certificate somewhere. funny thing is = i plagarised that poem off the internet! i mean, i can write bloody good poetry, but i was too lazy that time round.

44 - i cant stand other people's babies and dont know what to do with them!

48 - i never enter competitions. ever. too lazy.

loved your list, esp 48. made me cackle like a crazy lady!!

Goblin said...

Thanks for stopping by :)
*does the same thing here*

7. Ditto! It's awesome, well most of the time, when there's those really arb nightmares and they're so vivid I tend to wake up in a rather shocked state.

12. I'm also a big roadrager, but it doesn't exactly aggravate me per se, it actually makes me feel a lot better.

20. I have a similar thing. I spent years searching for the fluffy dice for my car so I could have my very own retro vibe in my car. Now suddenly everyone has them again. Also a haircut once.

27. Did you see my really cool owl pic?

39. I do this too but I think I frighten people since it's 80's hair rock.

46. Haha. My first was a Nissan Sentra that had been through two of my family members. It may have made some really weird noises but I loved that car.

48. I will admit to hanging around WinNow almost compulsively.

Your list is much more interesting than mine ;)

Tamara said...

I was also going to list the numbers that I agree with, but it's freaking me out because that's the vast majority, especially 15, 17, 21, 22, 34 and... I could go on.

I was 'uck-tchoo-wuh-lee' beginning to worry that one of my alter egos may have started this blog in my sleep. Until, that is, I read no. 8 (I so suck at baking), no. 11 (much as I wish I didn't, I shout lots) and no. 13 (my mother's a doctor, so she typically took over the sessions with the gynae while she was pregnant and knew what I was as soon as possible).

So now that I know that my multiple personality disorder is not getting out of hand (the voices in my head mean that I'm never lonely)... Interesting list. You sound nice (coz you sound like me. Only kidding).

Ok, must go work now.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the tips on how to do my bit when it comes to climate change.