Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy anniversary shmoo

So yesterday was our wedding anniversary. 2 years. time flies!
We kept it low key (we're pretty broke at the moment).. I made a little homecooked meal, very nice. I made my man tuna lasagne from scratch... that's right, whipped out the old pasta machine, made strips of fresh lasagne. Made a killer salad... (assorted cherry tomatos and sliced peppers in a little balsamic - grilled in the oven and put over normal salad obviously with copius amounts of cashews and feta - it's amazing!! Try it!!) and made a homemade apple crumble. All served with good red wine. I KNOW! wonderwife, that's me.

Anyway, so all was well and my incredible cooking skills were duly noted and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

At midnight I woke up to my band puking his lungs out (sorry for the expressiveness). SICK AS A DOG! He was up all night. (gulp...maybe not quite wonderwife)

So do you think I poisoned my husband on our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY???
I ate what he ate (and some more on toast for breakfast) and I'm hundreds, so i'm telling myself that it is a stomach bug and completely unrelated to our anniversary meal..........

but not the best end to our wedding anniversary.


Anonymous said...


How is he today?? So sorry to hear that. I'm sure it's not your cooking - perhaps he got exposed to some flu bug...

Natalie said...

hee hee, wonderwife, I was wishing for your lovely meal until you went on to saying how ill your band was! hee hee, Congrats by the way!x