Thursday, February 21, 2008

So the band and i are addicted

to 24.

Someone lent us the first 4 seasons and now we're hooked. For the sake of our marriage we have compiled a strict list of rules for when we get addicted to a series:

1. (and most important) absolutely no watching ahead without the other one.
The breaking of rule number one has resulted in many fights and many incidences of me being forced to sulk in shocked dismay. The problem is usually that my narcolepsy kicks in after a few episodes and the band then watches ahead while I sleep!

2. When rule number 1 is broken, no lying about it!
That's the real betrayal. When you are on the edge of your seat, tensing every muscle in your body, at the risk of dying a suspense-induced death and you glance over and the band is calmly inspecting a mark on the couch. Then YOU KNOW!!! The accusatory glance met with a guilty defiant avoiding of eye contact and followed with a "HAH!!!! You've SEEN this already!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU!?"

And so you see that addiction to series like Lost, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy (Stef pretends not to be that interested, but he SO is) and 24 leaves our marriage in a delicate place.

LUCKILY for some reason 24 has the opposite effect to the others and after an episode I am WIDE AWAKE and totally psyched. We're on season 2 at the moment and as a result, when I do fall asleep I spend my dreams trying to deactivate nuclear bombs, interrogate terrorists and just generally save the planet from armageddon.


Tamara said...

We did thwe whole 'How I met your mother' thing. And then couldn't get hold of the second series, so we still don't know how it ended!

I have finished my list. Just so you know. And bought the latest Casting Crowns album, which is FANTASTIC.

Have a fabulous Monday (how's that for an oxymoron).

Candice said...

Well said.