Monday, February 25, 2008

My brush with death

So I don't know if I mentioned it, but somehow I let the band enter me in the Argus. Then I allowed him to buy me a bike. This all seemed sweet and nice last year, but last year has sneakily turned into this year and the (bluddy) argus is now less than TWO WEEKS AWAY!! (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK)

Now unlike my band, I am not one of those annoying naturally fit people. I do not have a blitsvinnig metabolism. If I am going to get through any kind of sporting event alive I need to have done the training. The band is not well disciplined in these things because he IS one of the annoying naturally fit types. But nevertheless the training is now underway (good that i can say that LESS THAN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE AGONY ARGUS!!!)

On Saturday we went for a huge long cycle. Over a mountain pass, through the forests etc etc. Beautiful and all, but... stretching. We were on our way home, having done about 60kms (I KNOW!!!) and then it happened.

It wasn't another cyclist, wasn't a car, wasn't a downhill or an uphill for that matter. I was on a straight pavement, cycling at an impressive speed and as i reached down for my water bottle I saw a huge (from my perspective) gash in the paving. I panicked and braked (broke?)and screamed something less than ladylike. Next thing I was on the ground stuck under my bike. T-shirt lifted to expose the height to which my porno padded spandex shorts had crept. The band was ahead of me so the first hero to the scene was a super serious cyclist. He has all the best gear and the little cycling shoes and the gaudy spandex top (no t-shirt and takkies for this pro!) It was humiliating to say the least. I was stuck. Couldn't move. So he had to lift my bike off me. The worst was trying to explain what had happened. From a stationary vantage point the "gash" in the pavement was unimpressive so I basically slammed on brakes for inexplicable reasons. Not cool.

What IS cool is that I have INCREDIBLY impressive bruises on my one leg. THey are more like rainbow-hued welts really. I especially wore a skirt yesterday so I could show as many people as possible. They look pretty hard core. Unfortunately they are quite upper thigh so I can't realy show guys. But I took a photo with my phone to get around that one. I have been very brave following my brush with death. I got straight back on the bike and cycled the 7km home from there. Gravel covered head held high.

Apparantly if you haven't fallen off a bike you aren't riding hard enough. I guess that makes me a hard rider. Ok that sounds like one of those cheeseball skanky ass condom brands so let me take that back....

Check my leg... the lumpiness is swelling... hardcore hey?!?


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i broke my frikkin toe kicking luke again.

sies, i know.

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Tamara said...


Ja, I once somesaulted over my bike on a downhill. Somehow lost my appetite for cycling after that.

good luck with the Argus. You're crazy, by the way.

Shot for reading my list.

Caz said...

EMACT - I did :) thanks!

T - I keep showing my bruises to anyone who'll give me attention!

Natalie said...