Friday, February 01, 2008

Creepy co-worker! (case 1)

So there's this guy who works for my company. Our head office is in Stellenbosch which is where i live (and all the readers turned green with envy) but this guy works in our Joburg satellite office so we don't see him too often.
But whenever we DO see him, like this week for example, the following disturbing things happen:

* He frequently winks at us girls. At first we thought it was like a tic or a involuntary twitch. But the winks always manage to coincide with something mildly suggestive which he is saying at the time.

* He is a kisser. And not a polite, francophile kiss on the cheek, but a full on lip kiss on which always seems to leave a gobby imprint. eeeeeeeeeeeugh. Now call me a prude, but I don't think it's entirely appropriate for work colleagues to be snogging each other at every opportunity. (sure there are exceptions, like if I worked on the set of Prison Break for example, the rules would be different)There are few people I ever kiss on the lips. My band. Possibly some family and one or two choice friends who may just be those sort of people which is fine. But NOT work colleagues. I mean honestly. It's not like I miss him so much each time he's away that i need to KISS him when I see him. It's disgusting. And also, it's not just the first time you see him. Like this week, for eg, he will try to get one in every day. I MEAN SERIOUSLY PEOPLE... HOW SIFF IS THAT?? Fortunately it is not just me... it's all the younger ladies in the office. but still. When he arrived I tried SO HARD to avoid the snog. Really I did. I was carrying a huge stack of A2 boxes which basically meant there was a metre of safety between me and anyone and so i kind of waved a hurried hallo and tried to make a run for it. "HEY!!! CAROLYN! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? IS THAT IT? AREN'T YOU GOING TO EVEN SAY HALLO PROPERLY??" (~wink!~) eeeeeeeeeugh people. there really is no escape.

* Today he commented on the fact that he would have no problem if i wanted to wear cleavage tops (~wink!~). Incidentally I don't wear cleavage tops to work thank you very much but WHO SAYS THAT TO A COLLEAGUE!!!

Now before you have me writing to the CCMA crying sexual harassment, he is my senior so i can't be too rude and also he's not actually after me, he's just a generally cringeworthy guy. BUT STILL!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

that is simply vile.

you should try a small dose of halistosis - maybe then he wont want to kiss you.

oh, by the way....since you commented on my post .... i have now tagged you.

It's officially your turn to come up with 50things about you.

And let me know when you're done;)

(evil grin)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

PS: 'No Name Blog' was better.

will try think of some names for you....

Tamara said...

I think Spacebook is a hilarious name. And I too have Vodacom issues, specifically with that bloddy meercat.

Tamara said...

I meant 'bloody', not 'bloddy'.

And I forgot in my previous comment, that my point was actually to agree with you abotu kissing work colleagues being a 'no-no'. I rate it up there with reading co-workers' email, not leaving the loos in good shape and hectic swearing in inter-company meetings. Not kewl.