Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why a dog would bite it's owner - the udder reasons

I'm an animal lover... animal cruelty is just not cool. The experiments pictured below cross a certain line. Why would I show you such things? Because you have a RIGHT TO KNOW. For the sake of animals everywhere, lets stand together on these issues.

WARNING: The pictures below may offend sensitive viewers

Pictures first is Supadog. While yes, at least he doesn't have that awful curl of Clark's, he could use a little melanin! Sweet Powder!

I guess if you've got superdog you'll need to also have spiderdog

Next I'd like to introduce the definitive reason why radiation isn't cool....

But wait, that's not all.

Can you see how embarrassed he looks?

This next one is probably the worst. Oh the humilation of Yodadog

Now of course, we'd never ever dream of being so cruel to our own pets. Ok, at least not without a very good reason. There is a very good reason for Zorro Zac pictured below. The permanent marker eye mask lasted a hell of a lot longer than the black plastic cape!

Before you get all iffy on me, we also had to dress up! (As a cartoon hero who shared the first letter of your name). Yup, I am cow... that's me with my own clark kent (complete with la curl)


Anti-cruelty said...

I think it's terrible that you colour your dogs eyes with permanent marker! You should be reported!!!!!

Animals have feelings too you know!

Caz said...

Don't worry. Zac was very happy to be part of things, I can assure you. Plus as jonny depp has proven to us, you can be manly and wear make up!

Retro_Girl said...

hey caz
love the blog, flippin funny. enough with the cruelty to animals, i feel sorry for the people who were subjected to the cow and superman combo :)