Monday, August 07, 2006

Not that type of blog

Apologies to you all. I have been a useless blogger of late. The reason being that life is so busy.
I've had many ideas for entries... one of which was to be titled "Why moving house is not unlike attempting a coup plot on a small, wealthy dictatorial state" and my latest... "The similarities of Stellenbosch traffic cops and GPs - overlaps in a past life?" Maybe I'll expand on these later.

So you see, it's not that I haven't been thinking of this blog and you dear loyal reader (still get a kick out of that one!) it's more that I've been so exhausted from moving house (so over that! Left arm is still lame for those who care) and being sick with what my very expensive and oh-so-informative doctor told me is a "virus of some sort (broadly speaking)" that I've neglected to type. (I'm not the type?)

Ok, so as you may have picked up, the aforementioned broadly described virus is still playing havoc with my creative juices.


alet said...

Where did you move to?

Caz said...

Well we moved from a cottage on a farm on the blaauwklippen road to a cottage on a farm on the blaauwklippen road. No really! MUCH closer now - before the gravel bit. Little thatch cottage. Old school. Very cute.

henno said...

Seeing as you live around the corner from Waterford, why don't you just pick up your medicine for your "virus of some sorts" there - a bottle of red wine will quickly get those creative juices flowing again - and you don't need a doctor to tell you that! :)

alet said...

Is soos Henno sĂȘ ja!