Monday, July 17, 2006

What's hot and what snot :o)

Married women; I'm still anticipating some more comments on what makes marriage delicious

But for my single friends.....

What is it that makes a guy hot? What makes a guy attractive to us? I was asked this by a friend of mine a little while ago... he wanted to know what would make him more attractive to women.

Fear not, single ladies of the world: I recognised this for what it was: A door into the netherworld of clueless guys. An opportunity to improve life for millions of people across the globe. A chance to do the impossible: make non hot guys hot and give the clueless gender a inkling into the inner workings of women.

This was my answer to him:

What makes a guy attractive is not his body, his face, his tan, his voice (although these all help a lot!) A guy can have all these things and still not be attractive to us. (Think of that woosie Orlando Bloom!) What makes a guy truly attractive is the ability for him to get off his (preferably toit) ass and take some initiative.

Next time you're at a braai take note: the guys who stoke the fire are ussually the ones who stoke our hearts. Nothing less appealling than a guy who sits and lets everything be done for him! The guy who ensures our glasses are topped and our meat (ok, ok, in my case siff fake soya sausages) are done to perfection is always going to be the one we want.

That is it. Simple as that.

Why? Doesn't that go against Modern Feminism? ABSOLUTELY! (I am quite fond of my bra thank you very much!)

The answer lies in our carnal natures... at the core I don't believe we want the metrosexual who takes longer in front of the mirror than we do. We want rugged. We want capable. We even want (perish the thought) protective.

So if there are any guys reading this: the answer to the ultimate question is not "42" as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy would have you believe. It is simply that Women want MEN. Real men. The type who aren't too chicken to take the lead, the type who will take our heavy shopping bags without us having to ask. The type who give us the window seat on the plane.

I read a great article over the weekend on how Masculinity (note - NOT chauvinism) is coming back to America. A great example of this is Superman. The movie is HUGE on the box office and if it weren't for that MURDEROUS curl on his forehead Clark Kent would be a great example of what women want (and not just because he can fly!) See clark is humble enough. Not all loud and gareth cliffish. But he is also hardcore and not scared to get on and do the thing.

Ladies... I'd be interested to hear what you think: In your opinion what's hot and what snot???


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. As a singleton I often feel frustrated when guys don't step up to the plate. I read an interesting book once that asked this question: "If guys behaved like men, would girls behave like ladies?" And my answer is absolutely yes.

Anonymous said...

I am a man and cannot agree more with you Caz. There is so much out there trying to diminish the Man-image into some naff little wimp. At the same time I think that men should also definitely not be all beer and braaivleis. I like the idea of a balance. Men need to learn the difference and then will find that more women are interested in them.
PS - I have a friend that says: "mens spot nie met snot nie." :-)

Anonymous said...

What makes a guy hot? I would definetly say his ability to lead his own life. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who knows what he wants and how he is going to get it.

binder said...

Now all you women get back in the kitchen!

henno said...

Thanks for the advice Caz, now I know there's hope for the strong, silent types who take the initiative like myself :)

alet said...

Hennoq, met die "silent" het jy hom bietjie ver gevat... ;)