Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pimp my blog

So you may (or may not) have noticed that I have pimped my blog Paris Hilton style. I say you may not have because changes, new posts, comments, etc take about 3 years to show, so I don't know if it has worked or not yet.

If it has worked I will be sporting a pink blog. This is in honour of the latest development on my bridesmaiding agenda... (nearly forgot that I was a b2b!)

I spoke to the B2b (you'll notice that she gets a capital B...the bride deserves some status!) the other day and she described to me her thoughts on my dress (that's right, the one that I get specially made, that I walk UP THE AISLE in, etc)

She's thinking pinkish purple, just over the knees or mid-calf and netting underneath to make it poof.

Have any of you ever seen me in pink? occasionally (about twice in my life thus far) I have purchased pink stuff. Occassionally (about four times in my life) I have worn something pink out in public (beanies, scarfs - or is it scarves? - and undies don't count). So if I'm going to wear something pinkish I need to start getting comfortable with the idea. Hence my pink (hopefully) blog.

Have any of you noticed the adverts they put on this thing? I think they change every time you view it (at least something gets updated regularly!) but the one I saw today was offering help on battling to get pregnant! Clearly the selectors of ads are not quite getting it. More likely they, like the rest of humanity, are trying to torment me!

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binder said...

I noticed you new pink blog has also ditched my links!