Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Winnie. It's never been the best of names. I mean you have Winnie the faecal matter, Winnie the killer of Stompie. And now, a new winnie. Winnie the pain in the ass.

Our new house is fanfrikkentastic. It's rather sick really. but accross the street lives winnie. Some form of overgrown maltese cross something. She is mostly a mottled faded black colour and she HONES. No really. There is serious pong in the vicinity of that dog.

But stinkiness I can handle. It's not like I feel the need to cross the road and visit. What I can't handle is the utter regularity, the consistency, the precision timed 20 second apart, high pitched "NYAP NYAP" that goes on all day and all night.

"NYAP NYAP" ...pause (long enough that you think perhaps...but no-) "NYAP NYAP"
"NYAP NYAP" "NYAP NYAP" AT NOTHING! There is noone there. she has a MASSIVE yard. but still she must sit at the gate all the livelong bluddy day "NYAP NYAP"

I am writing this post from home and above, where you see a nyap nyap - that is a true reflection of the ac- "Nyap NyaP" -tual yapping taking place "Nyap nyap".


Joanne said...

Nothing worse, but look at the owner, the dog is BORED!!!! and the stink is also the owners fault those st..... dogs have to be trimmed as that fur grows like hair. Drop them a little anon note with a grooming parlous no.

Ches said...

'Nyap nyap'. Ha ha ha.

I think you should name your child, hyundai

Tamara said...

We have one of those in our street. Our other neighbours actually begged TSC to kill it during the night (they can't as the woman knows they hate her dog and they'd be the primes suspects). I'm hoping they were joking ;-)

Caz said...

Joanne - you are right. The owners are overseas i think so i guess thats it. Will see if it improves when they return. meanwhile "nyap nyap" ugh

Ches - thanks, I will take it into consideration...not

T - haha I considered inviting my friend marli over... she has a er.. dangerous history with cars and small creatures. ;o)