Tuesday, July 28, 2009


it has happened.
i feel pregnant.

yes, yes, i do realise that I am, in fact, well and truly knocked up, but after a looooooong hiatus of reportable "symptoms" i am now feeling it a bit.

For one thing I am tired, even though I slept well. I feel groggy. For another thing, I have cankles. CANKLES PEOPLE. My feet have swollen and I am down to one pair of work shoes.

Fortunately, with a mere 7 weeks to go before the popping happens (and less than 5 weeks of work - WOOHOO)I think I will manage.

Bring on mid-september when I can kiss Gavin* goodbye, I can wear nice shoes again, I can have one frikken massive G&T and pig out on sushi like never before.

*more on him later...


Ches said...

You said, sushi!

I won't laugh, or even smile...I know the wrath of a pregnant woman due to this...I will just politely and quietly, sympathise. Cankles can't be cool...if they were, they'd be shoes that show them off.

Please don't hit me! :)

Caz said...

i said sushi coz YOU made me think of it!!
haha cankles are so unbelievably uncool. very glad its winter so I don't have to be showing them off!!