Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 months and counting

People, in a mere 2 months i am due to pop.

I am super excited to:
• Be able to close my jeans again
• Be able to wear hot bras again
• Be able to stop drinking gaviscon by the litre
• Be able to not be at work (woohoo)
• Be able to climb stairs without starting to pant
• Be able to go for a jog
• Be able to use all the cool and super higher grade baby gadgets that people
have bought us
• Be able to not feel slightly physically insipid and weak the whole time
• Be able to not have to pee constantly
• Be able to get through any social occasion without being asked: "when are
you due? How has it been? Any morning sickness? Do you know what it is? Do
you know what you're in for!? Natural birth or caesar?" (followed by the
inevitable horror stories of both)

Now fear not... I realise that these wont all be instant improvements, but I'm assured that the heartburn and the breathlessness DO disappear instantly and that is good enough for me! The rest I can work on.

I am OF COURSE excited to meet the bambino and finally see if he's a he or she's a she, but that all feels very surreal and hard to imagine at this stage.

Do you guys remember the Earth Hour competition that I pleaded, cajoled, manipulated all into helping me win? I told you I won it right? So anyway, the Band and I will be spending a week here:
all expenses paid and doesn't count as leave. The catch? It's from 29 August - 5 September in Plettenberg Bay. I will be 38 weeks pregnant. You can be dam sure I'm going anyway! No two ways about it. And hey, if i pop in Plett so be it!


Ches said...

Just don't give your child a dimple in Plett.

Caz said...

he he he. I must say that innocent as i am that one took me a while...
DAM I have a massive dimple and the parental units are super dodgy.

Being Brazen said...

wow, your baby is coming so soon....

Tamara said...

Cool beans! It will be whale season, won't it? They normally come and perform just in front of Beacon Isle for all the guests.

Kaylen said...

Fun!!! You won that?? I win books and food and little things...you won a vacation????? Where do I sign up??

Meegyn said...

its about time you came for some nice shots of that preggie belly, Lady ... and bring the band with you. If of course you're allowed to ;)... LOL