Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Unravelling the mystery

It all started with a big bang. BANG!

And following that musical interlude...
I LOVE YOU GUYS! It's FANTASTIC you are clueless about compactums! I was clueless until about 3 months ago. I mean seriously, the word "compactum" sounds suspiciously similar to constipation in my opinion. And when one thinks about it... well, never mind that. If you are looking for toilet references go visit Ches, but you won't find them here!*

So, my precious little fellow ignorami, what is a compactum, you ask. Well a compactum is pretty much a surface that is high enough to change/bath a baby without breaking your back. It usually has shelves and stuff built in for storage, but that's the gist of it. Now don't ask me why it needs it's whole own poncy name. I find it borderline offensive... it just sounds rude "compactum". ugh. But the world of pregnancy LOVES to gooi all kinds of never-before heard lingo at us poor, deer-in-the-headlights pregnant peeps. As it is we are dealing with pregnancy amnesia (it's a medical truth people - check me!)now we have to learn words like lanugo and vernix and compactum and oh don't get me started on merconium.

*ok fine, so I contradicted myself by mentioning merconium, but 99% of you didn't know that so i figure that one doesn't count. But listen, if I ever turn into one of those "Ooh he made a solid one today" sorts please do something dramatic to me. I'm not sure how dramatic you can really get through cyberspace, but you're a creative lot, you'll think of something.


po said...

Hehe well I guess the whole pregnancy deal is a hige industry, and subject to marketing tricks, and if it were not, the compactum would be known as... a table?

Caz said...

DEFINITELY! That's why Babies R us is enough to give me nightmares. Bluddy manipulative marketers!!

Ches said...

Aaaaaah HA! So, does this compactum thingy fold-up into a small carry bag so you can take it to, let's say, Woolworths, in case the baby needs a change? Or can you just use the till counter, or one of those baskets where the bread rolls are kept.

And toilet references, pssssht, anything but! ;)
I'm as sophisticated and polite as your compactum. :)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Huh, well, they are called 'changing tables' over here in America. But yes, the lingo they use.

Sadly, there is no preventing the discussion of your child's bowel movements with the rest of the world. No matter how cool you are, and I am very very cool-twice I have found myself discussing the bms of my kids.


Seriously. It's true!

take care!

o-one more thing, when i was an OB nurse (helping delivering babies) I ALWAYS referred to the vernix as the 'crisco coating'. It helps the baby slide out :)

hee heee . . so glad you are chatting about you and your bump!


take care

Caz said...


Tamara said...

I knew what a compactum was, but what the heck is lanugo?!

Feel free to discuss your kid's bowel movements with strangers. Just don't post about them ;-)

Anonymous said...

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