Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Others are COMING!

So on Friday my inlaws arrive. Not just my MIL and FIL, but also the brother(s)-in-law and sister(s)-in-law. YUP!!! The WHOLE ENTIRE CLAN. It could be testing to say the least.

6 extra people in our two bedroom, 1 loft, ONE BATHROOM cottage is going to be.. interesting. My inlaws are caravanners. Gypsies of sorts if you will.
As a result they are used to setting up shop wherever they roam. Last time my MIL was here she even brought her SERVIETTE HOLDER!!! (I kid you not!!)

The good news is that while they are not light packers by any stretch of the imagination, their luggage ALWAYS includes presents and yummy foodstuffs.

My MIL is a jewelry maker - into her beading and whatnot - but fortunately she is actually dam talented at it so I have HEAPS of beautiful jewelry (Ok, it's beside the point that i wear the same necklace and bangle every day - if i WANTED to venture out I could!!). Also she is a baker... LOVES to bake for her favourite youngest child aka The Band. And he is great at hinting for greek shortbread (I know!!), crunchies, cheesecake, rusks and so on. (DAM I feel obesity coming on).

All of us, aside from the MIL, are doing the argus on sunday. THat's a LOT of spandex that's going to be congregating in my little housie.


Tamara said...

So how did the Argus go?

Your outlaws sound pretty bearable, despite the whole "yay-let's-live-in-and-completely-take-over-your-house thing".

My MIL asked me to step out of our wedding pictures so she could have a family photo without me.

She's better now - she actually manages to refrain from telling me that I need to highlight my hair and paint my nails, and sticks to the comments about the length of my leghair, have I not shaved for a day or two when I happen to see her :)

Natalie said...

Caz, you are so nice. I would have written this horibble post about my inlaws if they were coming to stay with me!Your inlaws sound nice though. How long are they staying for?