Wednesday, March 26, 2008

all you can take sushi

Last night we celebrated my buddy K's birthday at Jimmy’s killer prawns. Now I personally find it more than mildly disturbing that K (who is allergic to shellfish) would choose to celebrate his birthday at such an obviously fatal place. Anywho… these all you can eat sushi things are always a bad call. I should have known.

First of all it takes FOREVER to get your sushi. All the non-sushi eaters had ordered their calamari or prawns or whatever and finished it before we got our first plate (of course the sheer desperate starvation meant that we helped them finish their food...)

Secondly as the evening wore on, and our looks to the manager were infused with more and more venom, the little platters that were coming out of that sushi kitchen were getting smaller and dodgier…

The one thing that I got was thin slivers of cucumber and a sliver of prawn tied together with seaweed. RANDOM. K got a maki roll with seaweed surrounding rice and nothing else. No fish. Nada. Then later they seemed to run out of avo and rice. That got interesting. Oblong oval kind of seaweed shapes with only fish inside. All shlopped apart in the soya sauce.

For the record I should mention that the sushi chefs looked suspiciously Korean or Vietnamese… IMPOSTERS!! And I think that the manager was probably helping them out in the end. It was that bad!

anyone had a dodgy sushi encounter?


Ryan said...

We also went for sushi last night!!! At our great little jap place! They all just smile and say “enjoy”…. It’s great!!

The other day, I ordered something adventurous and I got about 5 bowls. So I asked the chef if I was supposed to mix them, and he said…….. “enjoy” (with a blank smile of course). So I tried to gesture the whole thing out and speak really slowly (like a typical idiot), and he said …… “enjoy”. And that’s when I gave up!

Anyway, later I realised that I think that I drank their home made salad dressing as soup.

Natalie said...

Hee hee, I love Sushi, I prefer making my own though then I can load them with lots of salmon and go easy on the cucumber!

Caz said...

cucumber is such a cheapskate thing to put in. dang those people and their so called special!!

Cher said...

Ha ha shame Caz! I was sooo tempted to order the all you can eat special the other night but didn't cause I knew I wouldn't get my monies worth. With those special thingys you have to arrive as the restaurant opens and sit there all night!

Caz said...

ya you def made a good call there!

Caz said...

PS CHER: well done on figuring out the comments enigma!! haha

Tamara said...

This is not strictly a sushi story, but I think it's so great that I wanted to share (also, it does fall under the 'dodgey Asian food' banner):

I interviewed a British dude at an ad agency awhile ago and we hit it off quite well, so he got to telling me how he met his wife (totally unrelated to the interview topic)... He had liked this girl for months and months, and asked her out countless times, but she kept saying no. Eventually she said yes, and they did lunch, which went well. They talked about all sorts of stuff, and she happened to mention that she'd always wanted to got to New York (they were both living in London). He asked her out again. She said yes.

So he got hold of her sister and organised to get her passport, and he booked plane tickets to NY. When she arrived the next Friday for their date, he whisked her off to New York for the weekend.

He took her to Chinatown, and wanting to show off, ordered the jelly fish. It was awful and gave him terrible food poisoning. He ended up spending the weekend in bed, with her nursing him back to health.

It must've worked though - they've now been married for a couple of years and recently went back to NY for their anniversary :)