Tuesday, March 25, 2008

looong weekend

what a great weekend. and how stoked am i that 2 May is now a public holiday. VIVA to our comrades in COSATU!

This weekend I:
* went to a wedding
* saw an owl
* ate too much chocolate
* went to the beach
* read lots
* sat on my stoep and bird-watched with my new binocs (hey, birdwatching's cool!)
* discovered more Dharma Initiative hatches in the wild places above our farm
* did something wild in the wild places above our farm ;o)
* baked peanut butter cookies

All in all a satisfactorily (say that 10 times fast) unproductive weekend... just what i needed.


Natalie said...

Nice weekend, except for the bird watching, that sounds boring!

Caz said...

I'm a bit of a nature dork :)

Tamara said...

I was going to defend you and say, "No - bird watching is cool." But I would be lying. It's not cool. But it is fun. For us nature dorks.

Glugster said...

Yummy! Peanut butter cookies! I wants!

Caz said...

T: thanks lady.. haha I used to laugh at all the birders myself. a lot. then i got converted. it was inevitable i guess.

G: I must say that I impressed myself! sure.. they were a little flatter than they looked in the book, but they taste FANTASTIC :D