Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Caz Inn is now closed to business

After 2 weeks the last of our visitors finally left this morning. Tonight I plan to slouch around in my undies or kaalgat, to leave the marg out, leave the toilet seat up, not replace the TP roll, use all the hot water in one long shower and not wash the dishes.

ok, ok, that really sounds 100% more like the band than me! I don't think I'll do any of the above, but the point is that if I WANTED to I could!

So my units left this morning along with my gran - she's nearly 89 and her name is Noon and she rocks! I miss them already to be honest.

For 2 weeks between the band's folks and mine our fridge has seen some serious action and our cars have never been so full of petrol for so long. We've eaten like kings and been generally spoilt.

BUT I can't wait to get home tonight, plop on the couch, eat something effortless and watch a movie.

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Natalie said...

haha, I know what you mean, it was nice having Annie but now I can walk around kaalgat, marg out if I want to! hee hee