Friday, March 28, 2008

More disturbing evidence

that i am growing up...

I have joined a bookclub. (I KNOW!)

Well actually, that's not entirely accurate... I actually started the bookclub.

It all began when my friend max and i went to this cheese and wine thing at a local bookshop here in stellenbosch (hey, free chow, what can you do?)

We started dreaming big about.. well cheese and wine really. About how we'd have this bookclub and how we'd meet new people, (It's tough in stellenbosch when all your study mates have moved on to the big cities!!) how it would be dedicated girl time, how we'd dress all nicely and make great food, etc etc We discussed how the money would work for new books and how we would rotate venues and all that.

A tubby older guy was leaning in and eavesdropping in the unsubtle way that only men can manage* and eventually, clearly unable to restrain himself any longer, he came smugly out with it: "Why don't you just join a library, it's free and no effort at all". (Picture the giant lightbulb glowing above his head as he pronounced his solution).

"HALLO!!!!" read the big bold capital lettered thought bubble above our heads, "WERE YOU NOT JUST LISTENING TO OUR CONVERSATION??? DID YOU MISS THE FACT THAT BOOK CLUBS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH BOOKS*???"

"thanks" we smiled sweetly, "that's a really swell idea" (blink blink)


* Seriously, when i'm eavesdropping aint nobody gonna know about it. I can have a whole conversation while listening to the guy behind me. It's called multitasking!

** Actually they are merely a clever ruse for our strategic planning sessions in our bid for world domination

*** Glugs.. you never read the above. This is all a dream. This is all a dreeeeeeam


Natalie said...

haha! I have to agree...why not just join a library?

Glugster said...


Caz said...

N: you're not serious... the three things I can't handle in a library:
1. no food
2. no drink
3. silence

G: exactly!

Cher said...

Caz, I had the very same idea. To start a book club so I could meet new people. And dress up, and eat delicious food. Also my book club is not exclusively for girls but will include guys as well. I thought I'd start it in winter though. Imagine: fireplace blazing, gluwein, gourmet finger foods. Yum yum! Oh and I suppose some good books inbetween there too!

sweets said...

it's so funny when you realize you're growing up and that you don't mind growing up anymore... i do this quite often hehe

great idea!!!

Caz said...

mmmmmmm gluhwein!! the BEST thing about winter! yay!

S... well I'm not ENTIRELY sure that I don't mind, but it does have it's perks :)