Wednesday, March 19, 2008

M-ing it up

So yesterday was my grad ceremony. The reason my folks and gran were down to visit.

It was great for 3 main reasons:
* I got the day off work
* I got given roses and earrings and chocolates (and attention) by my loved ones
* Had a great evening with the fandam

So the day started with this seminar thing. All the M graduates from my department had to present their research to students, family and friends. It was quite boring in general, some of the people went into minute detail (freaks) and made crappy powerpoints. Mine was obviously the most interesting (the band confirmed this) and featured lots of funny pics. My topic was Climate Change in the Media. (Basically my findings were that the media suck and we're all going to die) Ok, not actually, but I'm on a little bit of a sugar rush (from the aforementioned chocolates) and that always makes me a little sharp-edged.

After that we had this amazing lunch. REALLY GOOD.

Then it was off to grad. It was a loooong HOT wait and I had to sneak into the grad storeroom to get my other coloured band thingies coz they didn't have them there and really, if I'm going to sit through the entire (1st half) of a ceremony to cross a stage, I can at least be wearing my previous stripy thingmajigs.

After doing my lap on stage I escaped (as per family tradition) through the toilets/emergency exit under the stage.

My family were duly proud (much more proud of my early sneaky escape than my degree I think) and it meant we got an extra hour or so for a sundowner at The Terrace before heading to dinner. (Sushi for me obviously)


Edyta said...

that was sooooooooo exciting. haha, espash ur exit, lol.

what really gets me the most, that tutors drool at the crappy powerpoints. suckers. haha.

i've been okie :)

enjoy the stay of ur family. & the earrings lol :D

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

proud of both your degree, your escape and your poetry.

so proud i tagged you in a meme. I enjoyed the hell out of this one.
Check it out:

Caz said...

E: glad to hear it!

EMCT: i'm on it!!

Natalie said...

Congrats sweety, you should be ultra proud of yourself!