Thursday, January 11, 2007

Holly dayz

I’m so sorry. Where are my manners!? I didn’t even tell you about my holiday.
Well it was great. Saw some of my journalism mates which was fantastic. Went to plett… first holiday as married types. Quite interesting camping with the inlaws…………….


Also went to East London. Was good.

Much chilling did happen.

LOWLIGHTS of the holiday:

BLUDDY VODACOM BARRED ME TWICE. PSYCHOS! (it's best I don't even start on that again... read here what I am on about

HIGHLIGHTS of the holiday:

Some in my hair, yes.

Saved a life
I have a particular affinity for esio trots. I’m not entirely sure why, but I love them. There was one on the N2 and naturally we stopped and I shotgunned getting to save it. Which I did. We named him A’tuin (pronounced ‘Attain’).


I was showing the band some of my favourite places in the whole world – Morgan Bay, Haga Haga etc and on the way back we passed a snake in the road. Naturally we reversed at full speed, hopped out the car and tried to catch it (they can’t move very fast on the tar). As the band tried to grip its tail it reared up and hooded! YEBOYES! It was a cobra. Sssssssssscary but sssssssssssssoo cool!


Meegyn Basson said...

LOL! You two should be on Candid Camera! The episode could be entitled, "Schmoo & Hollywood Get Rattled"

alet said...

That's sooooo scary and soooooo something I won't do. It's like dancing with the devil!!!