Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Clenching my teeth

So remember in my previous post i mentioned my jaw was tightening up? Guess who had to geet off to mediclinic last night? Yes, Helourine did - bitten by a black widow. SCARY! But she's alright now. I digress: me too!
The jaw she was a-tightening and the collar bone muscles they were a-tensing and my doctor friend advised me that tetanus is not a thing to be trifled with (mmmm... trifle!)
I had to go for an immunoglobular thingie! It was hectic. My bum is still burning!
Have no fear, fair blog readers... I shall live. But it was a little scary. Lockjaw for goodness sake!!!


The Pink said...

Oh lovely - the thought of needles just leaves one feeling sick doesn't it .... AAARRRGGG

tea maker said...

you didn't tell me that they made you asume the position for your injection :p Oh well. By the by i apologize for all the times i've confused east london and PE.... Kel or should i say Caroline

henno said...

I was bitten by a black widow spider when I was a baby, nearly got my leg chopped off, but my mom convinced them not to. I guess that little event explains a lot about why I am like I am. So now Helourine can be as cool as I am! Who's Helourine btw?

Caz said...

Haai Henno, Dis erg!
Helourine is Ilze's sister, silly billy!

nat said...

ouch caz!! about the shot, i mean! and about the spider bite, all i can is been there, done that, and bought the rather painful t-shirt..let's just say stellenbosch spiders are nasty! :p