Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Happy happy et cetera
WEll I'm baaaa-aaack.
Sorry it's taken so long, but hey, I've been busy.

I am sad to have to tell you all that we are going to have to mourn the passing of DMW caz... for those of you who have no idea what that means, click here.

No more DMWness. Adios to the inevitable bulge. I am a fabulous tanned blonde now (Batchfoo you right - way more fun)

I have entered the 2 Oceans Half again this year and Coach Rich (my athlete dad) has me on a strict training programme. So far I am having 100% success (ok so far there has only been one run and it was all of 2km, BUT STILL!!!)

Tomorrow is 3km... I'm trusting you guys to hold me to it. (And for the hardcore athletes among you who may be scoffing at my seemingly meagre efforts.... sod off!) :)

Anyway, among my other new years resolutions:

  • complete the half marathon which is on 7 April (86 sleeps - EEEEEEEK) and stay fit after it

PROGRESS: have entered and gone for one short run.

  • get my A into G and get writing properly

PROGRESS: have made contact with the editor of and am busy with an article for them. Also get another travel feature published.

  • start making our house a home

PROGRESS: have received nice Christmas presents which are helping this aim and am working on some ideas

  • don't get another visit from the sheriff of the court to deliver the warrant for my arrest

PROGRESS: on Friday I visit the traffic department and settle all depts

I'm sure I'll add some more in a while, meanwhile it is up to you, my faithful readership (aka Batchfoo and OOH ALET to hold me accountable!)


Caz said...

3km this morning (Thursday). Yay me

Meegs said...

Oh my word!!!! Who are you and what the heck have you done with CAZ!!! Woman you are mad - have I taught you absolutely nothing! Now I'm going to have to get my butt into gear too! ARG!!! Well, I guess if we want to be underwear models by Dec '07 we can't keep lying on the beach next to all the heavy hippos!

Caz said...

YAY! We'll have to have new names like Caprice and Venice to go with our new asslessness!