Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pirate's keyboard

You'd think I'd be over my corny little pirate joke by now..... such luck


loesil said...

Hi there,

Happy happy, merry merry!

Am not gonna get into all this pirate-stuff (maybe I must send you Henno's mom's number - I believe she can do something about that!)

So, after the ordeal with the Black Widow - are you still risking it to go outside and run?
Great resolution, good luck with sticking to it. Let me know how the Two Oceans went.

My one and only resolution is simply: don't get any more speeding/parking fines.
Been successful thus far. Touch wood.

Anyway, moi is working in the night office - for the very last time. Im finishing at DB in only two days! Can't believe the year is finito, over-skedover, a distant memory.

Take care! And hi to the husband!

Caz said...

hi lady!

HEY! Pirates have feelings too!!!

Good to have you back. So you going to work for LW now right?

Bloody traffic cops need a hiding!

Keep in touch chick.

loesil said...

Send me your e-mail-address, please.

If you don't want to post it here, I will risk being stalked and stuff: mail it to