Monday, January 15, 2007

Fortieth post - yay me!

Greetings people,

Welcome back to blog world Alet!
Batchfoo where are yooo???
If it weren't for the Meegyn aka Pinky, I would be feeling decidedly neglected.

No matter.

What's news??

I had a fantabulous weekend which included a cruise on a catamaran. We saw sharks and we swam... disturbingly, in that order!!! Thinking back it was a little psycho, but everyone else was doing it......... Never mind, all my limbs remain in tact and it was awesome! So utterly Cape Tonian of us.


RUNNING: Went for run number 4 today. That's one every second day since last week tuesday. Quite proud of myself I must say. Haven't skipped one yet, even though I savaged my foot on a piece of fence and I am certain my jaw is steadily tightening up!

WRITING: Busy with the article for soon. As soon as it's up I'll punt it!

HOME-IFYING THE COTTAGE: Bought such cute paper lantern things for our porch. Beyootiful.

STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW: Went to the traffic peeps to find out about outstanding fines. Only two which came to R300.... ok, there should be another for R800 - but they dropped it. So i have written letters pleading my case.

All in all getting a diary has changed my life.. I am an organised sort now. I feel so self righteous!! haha


alet said...

Thank you thank you (revieve my mention with a queen elizabeth II-wave)
Wortie also just told me today he started a new running program in the new year. He's on his fifth run since last Tuesday. Well done Caz&Wortie.
Shame on me. I'm on 0 runs.

henno said...

I'm on a runny nose - does that count for brownie points? Besides, if sane people actually went running here there'd be genocide, the heat's just too much.

Caz said...

miskien as ek draf wort ek ook 'n miljoenaar!???

.... miskien nie :(

Tamaryn said...

Congrats on the fortieth post....I know it's a bit late (two posts later) but I've been busy. And I'm currently working on updating my blog. Cancelled meetings for the rest of the day, and have dedicated myself to the task...

So have a read. Let me know what you think.

Take care doll, it's good to be back.