Monday, December 04, 2006

And what's up with their stupid beer boep rodent meerkat thing?

Now in a prior post I made a fleeting reference to grey hairs... I reeeeally didn't want to have to elaborate on this, but regrettably i have been left with no choice.

I recently discovered several silvery bits in my head. I discovered them on Friday night... mere minutes after receiving an unpleasant sms from my bank.... coincidence? I think not people!

Dang Vodacom. Dang them to an eternity of being put on hold and listening to BACKSTREET BOYS call waiting music. "I don't care whhhhooooo you are, don't care where you're from, don't care what yoooo did as long as you love me"

Of course the more discerning individual will have picked up that in the chorus of that song (which plays on repeat) Vodacom customer "care" yodles on that they in fact DON'T no less than 3 times! SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING PEOPLE!

Of course, in my case the chorus could be altered to something alone the lines of:
"I don't care that we stuffed up your banking details,
I don't care that we added bogus charges amounting to over 6 grand to your account,
I don't care that you expressly forbade us to debit your bank account with this ludicrous figure,
We'll do whatever we dangwell please anyway, yeah yeah yeah-haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa"

Vodacom - Keeping you in touch! (with your bank manager? with your therapist???)


Lynz said...

Enter Lynzi... one day when I'm big I will be a psychologist/therapist ready to take more of your money to help Vodacom in their attempt to lead you down the broad path to bankruptcy. Yay... I can't wait ;o)

alet said...

Don't be mean to the poor meerkat...I don know why but I feel a strange affection to the funny little thing.