Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bump bio

Seeing as we appear to be doing a bit of a Focus on the Family vibe this week (ok, of course by "we" I am referring to the royal we AKA me) I thought it fitting that we do a Bump Bio today.

The Bump on 30 December 2008 at a luxury lodge in Zimbabwe following a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. Nice!

The bump was discovered on 19 January. I was later than usual so we took a test not expecting to see TWO lines. We had, after all been careful... ah but a bubble bath is a tricky thing. Overshare! :)

I was so shocked at seeing it come up positive that I wanted to vomit (sorry bump!). The Band went and got 2 more tests. positive. positive.

The next morning we sent a telegram to both sets of grandparents and awaited their excited call. mmmmm. Telegrams are no longer instant. It took about 3 days!!

I first felt the bump move on 19 April. It was a Sunday and I was having a mid-arvie nap. It was awesome. Very gentle heartbeaty sensation. (Nowadays it's not quite so gentle!!)

The bump is nearly 2/3s of the way done. Due in mid-sept and if all goes well a water birth is on the cards. Very zen of me I know but it is coz I love bathing and I think it will work for me.

I went from being shocked senseless in January to well and truly adoring the bump now. We aren't finding out the gender but most people think it is a boy. I am pretty convinced it's a girl in which case we have a name all ready.

I think the best thing about the bump is that it's as if you always have company. So when I can't sleep in the middle of the night, all I do is lie in a certain way (which is guaranteed to wake the bump - don't judge me, it's either the bump or the band and if i wake the bump there is no retribution!!) the bump gets all perky and moves a bunch. Pretty cool.

The bump has been good to me. Compared with other bumps my bump has been a breeze. Comparatively small on the outside, felt mostly great, etc.

In just over 3 months, the Bump will transform into a Bambino and then the world will be a very different place.


Tamara said...

Bubble bath?! TMI!

Great post. Sounds like it was a great conception too. *giggle*

Mrs. Hall said...

simply amazing, this post.

I can say, even though my daughter is six and my son is 2 and a half, I can still remember how it felt, them moving around in my belly.

My son loved to push is foot against my right rib. He would push so hard I would massage his the ball of his foot with my thumb, smoothing it back down.

and you are so very right, the world will never be the same. Everything I was before is no unrecognizable. Which is part of the miracle really. All this life, this babies, it is a miracle.

ok, must stop, getting a little weepy :)

take care and sending warm vibes to you and your wee bump. :)

Caz said...

hehe thanks ladies - sorry tam :)

Hels said...

Ah how fitting to have a water birth... 'created' in a bath and born in a bath, I love it when things tie in so nicely :)

I'm so with you on the whole being allowed to wake the bump whenever you please, cause let's be honest, the bump is going to have plenty of opportunity to get his own back so it's only fair you have a chance too ;)

Not too long to go before The Grand Peanut's arrival, how exciting!!

Thanks for the blog lady!

Caz said...

Wow.. I never thought of that! For some it's from ashes to ashes and dust to dust. For others its from water to water. hmmm

there is something distinctly elemental and worship the earth-ish coming through so I'm going to stop it there :)

Cam said...

"The Band went and got 2 more tests. positive. positive."

Ha ha haaaaa....sure I saw that in a movie. Guys. ;)

Ruby said...

hehe...sounds as if the bump started in water and will end in water? end refers to not being a bump anymore but a baby...I wasn't being mean...incase you wondered:)

Caz said...

Hey R - ya it's quite weird actually - only realised that when I wrote this post!!!