Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Band Bio

Today I thought I'd tell you a bit more about The Band.

I do love this man.

He looks very different nowadays to when we got together - he used to have awful long curly hair and john lennon type specs. He also went through a dreadlock phase and a mullet phase.(Ya - you must know I loved the guy if I put up with that!!) Thankfully that rather odd phase has passed. Now he is plain hot. Hot legs. Hot butt. Hot smile.

He is incredibly caring and will give everyone the time of day - he's got all kinds of random friends as a result. Car guards and street sellers and homeless guys.

He does love to spoil me. You guys familiar with the Love Languages concept? Basically there are 5 love languages and each of us has one that we are most fluent in. They're all important obviously, but ussually there is one that makes you feel most loved and this is the one you are likely to best express. But obviously you need to look at your partner and see which he expresses and probably that is his love language and how you should show him you care.

They are:
gifts - the giving of personalised little gifts (even something as small as a chocolate with a note would count - it's the thought)
acts of service - our pastor reckons if men want to excel at foreplay they should start with washing the dishes. Wise man. It's doing little things like bringing your other coffee in bed or hanging the laundry.
words of affirmation - Mark Twain once said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Simple statements like "You are beautiful", "I love you" etc are sometimes all a person needs to hear to feel loved.
physical affection - Some people feel the most loved when they receive physical contact from their partner. Sex is only one aspect of this. It is holding hands, kissing, sitting with a hand on the persons knee or whatever.
quality time - Quality time involves sharing experiences, thoughts, feelings and desires in a friendly, uninterrupted context.

Anyway. What's your love language? Mine is physical affection. Definitely.
The Band's is gifts I reckon. He does love to spoil me. For my birthday last month I got the following.... brace yourselves. It is bordering on ridiculous:
an ipod
diamond earrings
clinique facial products
perfume - which he chose himself after hours and hours of smelling various scents

Ok, before you think we are super rich, much of this was the happy result of insurance from our second latest robbery, but still it could be spent however and he spent it on me.

This morning we had a non fight. What is a non fight? It's something where one person is upset but there is not the opportunity to discuss the issue due either to time constraints or the presence of other people or the unreadiness of that person to discuss it. But despite no words being exchanged YOU BOTH KNOW (even the boy!!) that there is an issue.

Later he arrived at my office with red roses and chocolate and a sorry. Yep. He is a keeper.


Tamara said...

Too cool!

The Band is an awesome dude. And I love the Love Languages book - it makes heaps of sense. I always thought it was acts of service that fill my love tank, but actually I'm a quality time girl. Weird, because I tend to gift people to show love. My husband is a phsyical affection man.

Love the definition of a non-fight. I will be quoting you on that ;-)

Mrs. Hall said...

Lord HOWDY Mrs. Spacebook!

This post, it is wonderful, so nice! Clinique products?? Really?? WOW!!!

But yes, a stable, loving and spoiling man is one that is indeed a keeper. Because life is filled with adventure and adversity.

Best to have a marriage that makes all of it fireworks at the end of the day. :)

o-my love language are prol'l physical and public displays of affections.

Which is very important and something we work on. Because we have two kids that require all sorts of attention and shepparding. (read this to mean it is very stressful sometimes, keeping them out of trouble at the zoo/park/stores.) It can be very dizzying.

No better way to yank me back to earth then a random butt grab and hand hold. :)

Mrs. Hall said...

Yeah, um, and really, mullet?? Dreadlocks??

See this goes to prove that if a man is hot from the inside first, then it doesn't matter the outside.

because clinique products extend the beauty within :)

po said...

Wow! What a great guy.

I think I am a mix of physical affection, quality time, and acts of service. Well, those are what I like to recieve.

I tend to give out words of affirmation. This is confusing, should we show this list to the guy and ask them what they prefer to recieve? There is no way I can guess. I am too dof.

Caz said...

Mrs HH - love that. You are SO right. A random butt grab is sometimes just what a lady needs!

Po - ya you could ask the guy. In the book "The 5 love languages - Dr Gary Chapman" there is a little test thing you can do to determine which you are.
Found this on the net.. maybe it is it:

Let us know which he is...

Gill said...

Oh my word, can I have him??? Guess not, but maybe you could send him over for a while to teach mine a couple of tricks???

Ruby said...

Lucky girl!!! I want one like that....where can i find it?

Caz said...

Gill - sorry he already has 3 other wives. Oh.. what? I didn't mention that part? haha jokes

Ruby girl - you have to search high and low for these. Or else be a complete closed minded wench like i was ("seriously - he doesn't even play waterpolo - as if") and hope that God is very good to you anyway!!!!