Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Meeting the people of BLOGLAND

So anyway, I am sooooooooper keen to meet all the Joburgers among you, but as with business trips in general time is short. I propose we do one of the following:


LUNCH on Wednesday at 13:00 either at the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton (anyone got a good suggestion for a restaurant) or at my favourite lunch spot in JHB - Tasha's! mmmmm


A LITTLE SUNDOWNER on Wednesday after work I guess at Nelson Mandela Square (guess who only knows how to find two places in JHB!!!)

Let me know if you guys are keen.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

In and out, in and out

you little sickos... I was referring to BREATHING!!!

So this* is me:

And that is why this post is so short and I am not being a good commenter or replier to comments!

(*MENTAL NOTE: Searching google images for "headless chicken" is not an activity for the faint of heart!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So scarce, I know. Sorry sorry!
Last week was a good week, I:

  • was on the radio twice (fortune and fame, people!) and will be on again tomoro (no I won't say what and when) to discuss the launch of our first of its kind Mobile Carbon Calculator. Been working on this project for aaaages so was cool to get a nice media response to something which i kind of consider to be my baby.
  • worked at the Natural and Organics Fair (a bunch of crazy hippies mostly, but entertaining nonetheless)
  • took my first day of vacational leave this whole year
  • spent that day doing the Crystal Pools hike on the way to Koelbaai. Stunning. Basically you hike up this gorge into the mountains. River flowing furiously. Fynbos blossoming.
  • went to my favourite cuban place
  • started my veggie garden properly - this morning I saw my first seedling emerge - woohoo!

Yesterday I started a new boot camp and also a bit of a detox. Bikini season looms.

My brother left on Sunday. Sucks. Miss him already. ugh. Why must people go to London. Really! :(

AAAANyway, I may be up in Joburg next week. Anyone keen to meet up? Probably tuesday or wednesday evening??

Monday, October 13, 2008

about frikken time

I am guessing Being Brazen is probably the only one who will share in the excitement of this with me... unless there are some other capies lurking among you?
WELL summer FINALLY decided to make a brief appearance this weekend! I went to the BEACH. I got SUNBURNT to the point of resembling one of those gross red vienna sausages. IT WAS GREAT. Obviously summer disappeared already now, but hey at least we had two days of proper sun at long last!!!

Also, my brother is visiting. YAY!
This is a pic of my gorgeous brother taken while we were doing some mountain biking in the Transkei* last summer. We'll call him Boo. He's currently visiting from the UK. He's lovely, no? Seriously... how is this man still single? It confounds me. Really it does. I adore Boo. He is one of the nicest guys i know and i am loving having him back in SA... even only for a week.

In other news, I am away tonight - this blog comes to you all the way from my hotel room in Caledon**. Feel the love!

Speaking of feeling the love, can you people please click on the little follower button thingie on the right? It took me forever to figure out how to get it there in the first place!! (thanks Tamara and Gill!!!!)

What else to share... emmmmm pfffffft. nope. I got nothing for you! K bye!

* for the foreign ones: The Transkei or Wild Coast is pretty much the most beautiful place on the planet.... I will soon post a story i wrote a while back on hiking the transkei and some pics. It's gorgeous.

** Caledon is a pretty arb dorpie (small town) close to nowhere. It is a very random destination, but hey, hotel = mini shampoos and shower gels and stuff so it's worth it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I just discovered the proper way to weigh myself. It seems we've all been doing it wrong all these years!

We must spread the word!
PS. temporary new look...
I am feeling very burdened by all you frikken overachievers who insist on continuously giving your blog a gorgeous makeover. I will get there at some stage i suppose, but it sounds a lot like work.

Monday, October 06, 2008

barking mad

So on Sunday a bunch of us went back to our new favourite place - the cuban joint. Everytime we go there we seem to get free drinks. This time it was some kind of sambuca shot. Why do I tell you this? To contextualise What Happened Next....*

So we return to our place and the neighbours annoying dogs are barking. They are AWFUL things. Something like an overgrown staffie - about 1.5 times the size and with very rabid temperaments. Seriously, if i look over the wall at them, they snarl and drool and growl and bark. Even if i am trying to be nice (aka trying to get them to shut it).

Anyway.. so my mate Max reckons she wants to have a look at these dogs. So we go stand on the wall (our house is set higher than theirs, so we are looking down on the dogs). The dogs come running up to us and, inexplicably (or perhaps not so inexplicably *) Max snarls and barks at the dogs.

--- Retelling the story later she explained that they are demonic dogs and you just HAVE to bark at them. You can't help yourself. It is beyond your control. ---

Anyway, she not only barks at the dogs, but she tells my dogs "Zac, Zebu, I'm on your side here. We're a team" and then returns to her barking.

I see a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye and quickly run behind a bush. I signal to max (well i THINK i did... in my HEAD I did!!) but it's too late. The OWNER of the dogs has come to investigate. She is right upon Max before Max sees her.

WAA HAA HAA Max goes red and very bashful and the woman complains about OUR dogs barking (seriously, at least they bark normally and don't sound demon possessed like hers) and Max meekly explains that she doesn't live here and shuffles off.

I could barely stand up straight. Priceless!!! Imagine finding some woman standing on your wall, growling and barking at your dogs. heee heee hee