Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update: The Kernel

Can you believe that in less than 2 weeks I'll be holding The Kernel at long long looooooooooong last!?

I am so excited.

It has been good to be home. To not be distracted by all the mayhem of work. It means I can be far more conscious of her movements and I now know her routine pretty well (ie less freaking out!). It's often just her and I so we chat a lot more which is great.

My mom (aka The Mothball) was here this week and we got stacks done. We've gone through all the baby clothes and sorted them by size. We've washed them all and all the blankets and also all the nappies. We even sewed little fabric heart tie backs for the nursery!

The nursery is looking gorgeous. In my rather biased opinion it is the most gorgeous nursery ever. I will do a photo post soon - there is one last thing that needs to be done - a bookshelf which will be painted this coming week - and then I promise there will be pics galore.

The hospital bags are packed for her and for me and now its just a case of counting down the last 13 sleeps.

Can't wait!


Shayne said...

So so exciting. I can hear just how excited you are - you've come a long way in this journey of yours. Well done.

Cannot wait to see pics of the nursery and of course of your darling little princess in your arms.

2 weeks!!!!

Kristen said...

so great to hear from you, I've been worried! 2 weeks is so soon! I hope it goes by quickly for you!

B said...

i'm glad the kernal's still ok. hoping to see pics soon.

JessicaGiggles said...

Wow! Can't believe it's just around the corner now... Yipeee!!

Sharon said...

Oh wow, such exciting times!! I can just hear how excited you are. Still keeping you in my prayers. Huge hugs xx

ExMi said...

that's so exciting my friend.

cant wait to see pics of the nursery and cant wait to see pics of the kernel in the flesh!

angel41222 said...

Oh I would LOVE to see the nursery!! I love how excited you are and how prepared you are!!

cat said...

Good luck to you all with the birth. Both my pregnancies were extremely high risk and we prepared ourselves for NICU, with luck, never to have a single child in it. She may be just fine!