Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Riding the rollercoaster


After all the euphimistic optimism of yesterday: KAZAM!

I woke at 1.30 with bad back ache. De ja vu. There's still that stupid thing in me that is embarassed to overreact and put people out. I dopplered - all good. But the pain wasnt normal so I called the med aid 24 hour medical advice line. The sister there suggested that given "my history" - another of those delightful euphimisms - I should ask the hospital their thoughts. They said that given "my history" I should rather come in. Apologetically woke The Band and off we went.

Funny enough I felt perfectly calm. I could feel her moving and all so that was fine. Got to the hospital and there it was... the moment I've been dreading and nightmaring about for 9 months now.. The CTG machine. Stupid machine. It took at least 20seconds to find her heartbeat and when it did it was so quiet! (Ally McBeal inner voice screamed: "Crank up the volume lady!!!!") *shudder* it was a tough moment!

Anyway, they monitored baby's heartbeat for 30 mins and all looked fine but my doc said I must stay in hospital. Had a scan with her this morning - all fine (but placental abruption doesnt show on scans - but The Kernel was lying horizontally across me)and then another CTG but in this one there wasn't enough activity - the heartbeat was too stable!? Panic. Next thing I'm getting a steroid injection in case we need to do an emergency c-section... and this is the point at which I began to panic. She is only 31.5 weeks and she's little! SO little. Another CTG and off back to the doc... this time the CTG looked good as did the scan. The Kernel had now moved to breech and my back pain was gone so I'm thinking that her transverse position was what was causing the pain (I checked with Dr Google and that's totally possible!)

Anyway, I don't need to tell you the rollercoaster of calm, panic, calm, panic, peptalks from The Band, panic etc today has been. I am still in hospital. BLESS MY DOCTOR - she is taking NO chances! I will be monitored til tomorrow afternoon then I am going to the Fetal Assessment Clinic in Cape Town for an indepth scan to double triple check everything and from there we'll see.

Best case scenario? The Kernel decided to be creative in there and wound up in a very unusual position for this stage of pregnancy which made my back ache and we can carry on as planned to 36 weeks.

This won't be the last time I ask it, :) but please continue to keep The Kernel in your prayers.

Hoping to catch up on some sleep tonight!!!


angel41222 said...

Oh I am so glad the later scans and CTG were okay...
You and The Band and The Kernel are in my prayers.

k@lakly said...

Sounds like your doc is keeping a keen eye on you and the Kernal, as they should. HOpe they keep her in there for another few weeks to fatten her up but so glad that if she does need to come meet you now she should be just fine. Keeping everything crossed for you and for her.

Shayne said...

Glad to hear your doc is keeping you in hosp and a steady eye over you. Kernel will be fine if she comes now but let's hope she hangs in there for just a tad longer. You're all in my prayers xxxx

Kristen said...

most definitely keeping you in my thoughts, absolutely! Hang in there girl!

po said...

Eeeesh! Thinking of you for what that's worth!

B said...

i'm glad they're looking after you. hang on in there Kernal.

Maddie said...

Hang in there and I can imagine this is pretty rough (no doubt an understatement) on your nerves. I noticed your question mark next to 'too stable' - with CTGs, the heartrate should jump up and down (by at least 15 beats is what they're looking for) as the baby moves around. Not all the time but at some point it should start going up and down. No variation can be a sign the baby needs to be delivered - this is what caused Matilda to be delivered.

Fingers crossed she was just taking a break in the transverse position.

Will be thinking of you.


Maddie x

Sharon said...

I have no doubt God is holding you all safely in the palm of His hand. Will continue to pray. Lots of loves and hugs and prayers for an overflow of happiness and love xxx

cowgirltn said...

Prayers for a peacefull road ahead

Rachel said...

Prayers, fingers crossed and positive thoughts your way

Charmaine T said...

Lots of prayers for you and Kernel!!!! Loved the scan video!!!!