Saturday, June 26, 2010

Updates: The Job

There is so much to update you on and my writing mojo is really not great at the
moment for some reason so I'm splitting this over a few posts.

Job first... on my last day in the office the boss called and said he didn't want me resigning, could i work from home for 6 months and then if I want to resign and consult that's that. (pretty much what I asked for in the first place)

So ya, that's cool.

My last day of work was awesome - sorted out my office, had a baby shower from my colleagues, then they had a staff football match, then a braai and then we watched the World Cup opening ceremony. Now that's how a day at the office is supposed to be.

Being on maternity leave is AWESOME!!! Loving it! The Band works largely from home so I get to see plenty of him and The Guv which is great :)


Shayne said...

Wouldn't just have been easier for them to agree to you working from home in the first place? Durr!

Glad to hear you are enjoying your maternity leave - make the most of loafing around coz it's all going to change soon.

angel41222 said...

It sounds like everything is working out beautifully in your favour!