Saturday, June 26, 2010

Updates: The Baby Shower

The BFF asked me what I wanted for a baby shower... last time it was a huge thing - probably 40 something people, food galore, games, the whole traditional deal.
It was a tough call deciding what to do this time round. One part of me wanted to say "let's rather leave it til she's born"... it seemed safer, less vulnerable. I hated sitting with a million gifts last time, a million happy congratulatory cards, and no baby.

But that wouldn't be right. The Kernel deserves to be celebrated and I can't live in the what ifs... not at this stage!

And so we decided on a totally different baby shower vibe. The Non-Baby Shower. A small group of very specifically selected girls - all people who have really been there for me and really understand and aren't about to moan about their kids or say anything stoopid and insensitive - including a friend who lost her baby at term a few weeks after me and 2 friends who'd recently miscarried - went for dinner. We went to a fancy restaurant in Somerset West - Henri's. It was such a great night. What an awesome group of people. The food was gourmet. Lovely. And we had a room to ourselves. I got spoilt with really really special things for the Little Princess and I think great memories were made.

I've had 5 baby showers now (yep! 3 with Sophia and 2 with The Kernel) and this was certainly the best one.


Shayne said...

If you ask me Baby Showers are completely over-rated. What you did sounds far more lovely and intimate and personal - which is really what you want actually. Instead of every Tom, Dick & Harry oohing and aahing over every babygrow and bib that you receive.

Kristen said...

sounds like a fabulous night out! Glad you celebrated the Kernel!

Mel from BB said...

Sounds perfect, we also had a non-baby shower for my sister at a restaurant with no silly games and arb people. Can't wait to see pics of your little girl-pants and her room too. While Kernel is a perfectly functional name might she have another?

angel41222 said...

I think thats spectacular! What a fabulous idea!! Fabulous!!

Its like with wedding showers. I truly think South Africans can take on the American tradition of a "rehearsal dinner" and do that instead of the "classic" wedding shower we do at the moment. Either that, or the people planning the parties need to take the bride or the mom-to-be's personality and tastes into account when planning!

Sorry. Started rambling a bit.

Caz said...

@Mel she will indeed have a more feminine name... coming to you in 1 week :)

@angel TOTALLY agree!!