Monday, June 08, 2009

random thoughts of caz today

Ghandi ... the super calloused, fragile mystic, hexed by hallitosis.

Oompaloompas of blogland. Today I am feeling very ineloquent so pardon the mush of random thoughts that serve as little more than a nice distraction from the pile of work awaiting me!

1. People are so very odd. I have this friend, we shall call her Bee, who has a very good heart and is extremely caring and all that, but she just makes the most nasty comments, (usually realises instantly and backs off with a self deprecating comment). FOOT IN MOUTH disease of note. One such example I have already mentioned here... when I said I was lucky to have had an easy pregnancy thus far and she quickly told me that i have no reason to believe the next one will be so easy and it could be rough! haha. The other one was today. My mother-in-law, bless her, thinks that Nadal looks just like The Band. Nadal is great and all, but I don't see the resemblance. Someone said "nah - Nadal has a funny nose" so Bee says "ha! maybe that's the resemblance". I mean SERIOUSLY!! About my HUSBAND! In a room full of work colleagues. Forget the fact that as you know, The Band is basically flawless and HOT DAM he is gorgeous, but WHO SAYS THAT?? Anyway it was fairly awkward!! I made light of it saying "please, the man is HOT" but I'm still waiting for her to at least come say a sorry. Surely?? right? Fear not, dear readers, i am not taking offence and if no apology is forthcoming I will not be bitter and twisted, I'll just think it is so odd. Very very odd. There is an added element of weirdness in that we are old family friends and I got her the job here! weird woman.

Anywho on to number 2
2.Today I am officially in my 3rd trimester. Bring on September!! Yay. Can't wait for the bambino's arrival and 4 months of maternity leave. (of course between now and then I am going away twice, moving house, needing to buy everything for a baby - no people, i haven't bought ONE SINGLE THING YET!!! but hey, you know, whatever, bring it on!)

3. The Band goes to Madagascar for like 10 days on wednesday. I am not entirely sure how I will survive. It's so frikken cold at night!! Who is going to warm me up after each of my multiple trips to pee??? I am going to FREEZE TO DEATH!

4. I am going to Kei Mouth for the long weekend. Going to spend it with the folks and some fam. CAN'T WAIT!!! No place like the Eastern Cape. No dog like my phoebe.
You've seen pics before, but it this blog needs sprucing up so here she is again:


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

1. Yeah, about your friend, kind hearted and lovely as though she may be, social graces a learned skill. I still struggle with USING MY INNER VOICE a lot.

2. looooved the Ghandi quote. :)

3. Before you buy a bunch of stuff. well, I am telling you, after two kids . . . well, let me send you a list of stuff i need, stuff I don't because DAMNN there is so much crap out there. Maybe it will be of some use. :)

and you are very right to stay away from R us. so much plastic. so much uselessness.

4. And yes, Pheobe!! Oh what a dog!! I can just see the happy happy happy!!! I love dogs!


Hels said...

Well I say thank goodness for people like Bee in your life. Seriously, isn't it nice to know that although your second pregnancy is going to be hell and you're married to man with a "funny nose" (please??!!!!I've seen The Band and there's sure as hell no funny nose!) there are people (like Bee) who are obviously envious of you and your happiness! Just goes to show that despite the issues they mention there's gotta be a whole lot that they're envious about to make them say such inappropriate comments! Therefore I say we should always feel that much better about ourselves and that much more content with our lives with every caustic or mean or inappropriate comment people make!! Bring on the bitterness people! (odd indeed!)

As for the not having bought anything for bambino yet, there's still 97days to go shopping... plenty of time! ;-)

po said...

Maybe she is just a bit dim and doesn't realise she was offensive?

Ches said...

Caz, I've probably said this before, but Border Collies are the bomb. Since being on this couch, my folks Collie hasn't left my side since I've been here...just keeping me company, checking I'm ok, they're awesome dogs.

Pity you can't go to Maddies, heard it's an awesome spot, The Bands lucky.

Caz said...


3 sleeps til i see the phoebe (also known as The Flea).