Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Post Toast Roast Coast

I have been such a dedicated blogger lately *pats herself on the back*
*grins cheesily* *grin develops into something of a grimace as heartburn starts up* BUGGER IT.

Being knocked up is not for sissies people. But sometimes it also really is. Like how no one can be bent with you if you fade. And NO ONE can fade like I can. It's inspiring really. I've been known to fall asleep in movies, watching DVDs, at dinner tables, at braais. There is definite narcolepsy in me. I have ALWAYS been this way. Take me as I am and all that. But now no one rolls their eyes when I do it. No one frowns disappointed at me. No one shakes their head thinking "Typical". Nope. They all just tilt their heads to the right (it's always the right - check next time you earn yourself a head tilt) and smile affectionately. "She is pregnant after all. Bless".

Anyway, time for an afternoon nap and some Gaviscon.


Gill said...

There are definite pros to being preggers and this is one of them! Also the lifting of heavy things - I have never been more pathetic than when I was pregnant and we were living with severe water restrictions....I never had to carry a single bucket ;-)

po said...

Haha guess there are small plusses.

Ches said...

Um, I've been around a few pregnant woman, and somehow, I always tend to wind them I digress.

But i will go out on a limb and say this...if men are comparing child birth to passing a kidney stone, then they grossly misunderstand the 9 months worth of pregnancy before hand.


Tamara said...

Does it offset the irritation of random strangers rubbing your belly?

Caz said...

Gill: haha I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks. It's going to be great... "A little to the left" "you missed a spot" "lets pick up the pace boys" haha

Po: PLENTY!!! but shhh don't let on else you lose the sympathy vote and special treatment ;o)

Ches: Fear not - 3 older brothers, I'm made of sterner stuff than that! :) But yes. I like your kidney stone reference. It's far better than what a certain male i know says: "Yes, well you women need to pay for what you did in the Garden of Eden". haha That REALLY gets me going!!!

Tamara: I haven't had it at all yet! Weirdly enough. I think maybe when I'm showing a bit more. I don't think it will bother me (as long as people are nice) but we'll see!