Friday, June 12, 2009

Nearly there..

so i'm sitting in the airport with monstrous backache having some kind of nasty hot flush caused by the insanely speedy manner in which i downed my milo which I was forced to drink to try and cope with the heartburn induced after the super salty "chippery" chips (R15... sorry i mean 15 BLUDDY ront!!) I had to scoff when I discovered that I had somehow gained a bluddy hour (when does that happen) and it was still a few years til i got fed onboard the plane and this is all AFTER being here for ages already catching up on all my email, reading a couple of chapters and mooching around in general.

Whereforth do I sojourn?

To the Eastern Cape. WOOHOO. Almost makes the hot flush, heartburn and back agony worth it. Yep - they're all still here. soddit.
And Ches, can I just play the victim and point out "At least you can HAVE pain killers" the ONLY pain killers a knocked up chick is allowed are Panados. PANADOS!!!!! ha! you thought Myprodol were lame.

Anyway. Back to the fantastical weekend I have planned.

In case I didn't mention, The Band is currently in Madagascar and I am missing him insanely. Disturbingly, since he has been gone I am actually sleeping through the night which I feel both relieved and mildly guilty about... surely I should sleep better when he's around??? But I assured him it was a deep-seated subconscious defence mechanism - i refuse to wake up my usual twice an evening coz I would never get back to sleep without him! (He seemed mildly satisfied with that explanation).

Anyway, so much digressing. Ah yes. So my folks, and some of my other family AND PHOEBE MY GORGEOUS DOG are all going to Kei Mouth for the weekend and are flying me up to join them. YAY!! My dad has been counting down the sleeps for about a month and it will be the first time they all see The Bump. Plus I will have 3 little slaves at my beck and call - little cousins and my niece. I will, no doubt wake up to 3 pairs of eyes staring intently into my face at a disturbingly close range at 5am-ish and sighing loudly and repeatedly, but it will be worth it.

I am soooo excited to be oohed and aahed over, fed and pampered. There really is no place like home, most especially when you are the GOLDEN GIRL who is about to provide a beloved grandchild!


Bruce said...

I don't know, this child bearing thing still seems like more work than it is worth....I envy you the vacation though......

Ches said...

I'm sorry Caz, I canned myself reading that openning paragraph...and also almost ran out of air. Ha ha. Hilarious, can almost picture it.

Enjoy the weekend with your Fam. Sure it's going to be awesome.

Joanne said...

Have a fabulous time away you certainly need it with all thats going on at home with Lily, try to relax and enjoy the spoiling

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

When I was all preggies, I honestly could have done without Mr. Hall in bed. I just wanted me and an island of pillows. Like this one :)

But yes, VACATION, utilize the beck and call of others. Because this is cause for celebration, having a tiny one growing inside :)

take care :)

Ruby said...

Hope it was awesome:)