Monday, June 29, 2009


A good one. It's what I'm trying to have. Not about Life In General. No, no, Life In General is fantastic. Got the Band back from foreign locales, got the baby who apparently thinks he/she is a contender for the next Confed Cup, got the homely home which I love, got the Mothball - that's my mom people, try to keep up :O)- visiting this weekend. Life In General is a happy place to be.

It's work that is... challenging. I realised this when I spotted on my boss's calendar that I would in all likelihood not be seeing her for the next 3 weeks and felt delirious happiness. That's not a good sign, is it?

I am currently busy trying to navigate the treacherous valley of delicateness that is my work condition post-maternity leave. ugh. What I'm proposing is that they let me work from home primarily but obviously come in for meetings and when necessary. I'll have a full time someone with the bambino, but I still don't feel right about leaving a 3 month old home all day minus his or her mom. So I'm hoping that the controlling old school powers-that-be are won over by logic and you know, the fact that we are running out of office space and I am about to go from my own office to sharing (BLEGH) because we are so short of space, plus the fact that we should encourage working from home as a principle in terms of reducing carbon footprint etc etc etc. Plus the fact that people are more productive from home.

Anyway I am freaking a bit. If they say no I'm not sure what I'll do... Unpaid leave - we can't afford it. eep


Joanne said...

Hope you come right. All makes sense though doesnt it?

Hels said...

You know, most people are normally a little relieved when their bosses go away from work for some time. It's just that normally it's because it means they can be a little less productive without getting in trouble. I think it's the fact that you are relieved because it means you can get some work done, that you should be worried about! ;-)

I'm sure they will come to their senses re the working arrangement.

Well at least all the important stuff in your life is going well - that's good to hear!

lastly - can you please just make the arrival of the bambino hurry up already!!!!!!!

Tamara said...

I hear you! SA is so behind on the flexible working trend, despite the fact that it's been proven to be really effective if managed well.

Ruby said...

*hugs* Hope everything works out the way you want it too!

Kaylen said...

I totally LOVE it when my boss is gone, even though I don't really have a boss that micro-manages or hovers over me.

My company has a work-from-home policy. Most of the employees have one scheduled day from home. One of the people I work with goes home every day at 3pm so she's home when her some comes home and she works from home every day from 3:30-6:00pm.

It's GLORIOUS and does wonders for morale. I wish more companies would realize the benefits of it.

You are not alone in your baby anxiety. It's really hard to leave them, but take heart that your baby will never ever ever remember this time in their life. :)