Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why I despise David Attenborough

So I'm a greenie, right? A nature lover, if you will. A bunny hugger, as it were. So I should be this huge fan of Dave Attenborough and his work and his ability to invoke a sense of awe for nature. But I'm not.

You guys seen The Planet Earth series? You know 'filming over 5 years, in 204 locations with a budget of $25 million'. Emmy award winning etc etc?

Well I find it emotionally manipulative and disturbing.

Take the snow geese for example.

You watch these little geese fly for 3 MONTHS from Mexico aaaaall the way to the Arctic ("wow such endurance" you think "they deserve a good summer break when they get there". They fly with their man or lady as they mate for life. ("how romantic" you think "and soon they'll be a family!!") Then they get there and all is great. ("if anyone deserves it, they do!" you think) They lay their eggs and really work hard at nesting, incubating and all that stuff (you can hardly wait for the little ones to arrive!). Finally these fluffy little goslings emerge. (despite the heart warming crescendo in the background you are starting to grow suspicious). The music (inevitably) changes. A cloud shadows the sun (ok, well it may as well have!!) And then enter miss arctic fox ("noooo!!" you think). The fox goes for the chicks (obviously). The parents do their best to fight it off (unsuccessfully). In the end the fox kills all babies but only takes one.

So NOW you are hating that fox. Evil wicked little bugger until OBVIOUSLY you see her taking the chick to her little babies.

UGH! I find it draining and awful. Bla bla bla yes, it is nature, but it's also not. Nature doesn't have the emotional music in the background. So there.

That's why i don't like David.


Glugster said...

Are you having a bad week?

Ruby said...

awe hun:(

Caz said...

perhaps.. :) But hey, it's Friday now!

Being Brazen said...

So true those kind of nature documentaries always pull at all the heart strings

Cher said...

That is precisely why you won't catch me watching those "nature programs". Life is cruel!

sweets said...

i agree... good for you on catching David out on that technical point :) LOL

Tamara said...

Yup. I'm with you. And what about the fact that the fox also needs to eat? I mean, if they played emotional music and showed the fox taking food back to its cubs, it would have a totally different effect.