Monday, September 15, 2008

TELL ME WHY (I don't like Mondays)

I pretty much have that song in my head every monday.

Great weekend. Thurs nite I took the band and some mates to Buena Vista Social Cafe - FANTASTIC. We all assigned ourselves Cuban names (i am now Babarita - pronounced buburrreeetuh) our waitress became Manuel (munwell) etc etc. Great vibe, great food, great evening.

Fri was a birthday braai for the band - had about 30 peeps over. good fun.

Sat I did some gardening!* (No one was more impressed with me than me!! :) and went to another braai and today at 6 frikken AM I started to get my ass in shape.... 6 - 7 am, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Wish me luck guys!!!

* The things i planted are called bulbines... see the pretty yellow flowers at the top of my blog? they're those and soon they'll be brightening up my garden. yay


Miss T said...

Buena Vista has the best nachos in the world!

Tamara said...

Eish... good luck with that hard core ass-whipping bootcamp stuff.

Caz said...

Miss T you are too right. They are SOOOOOO YUM!!!

Mrs T thanks!! it's the getting up at sparrows that hurts me the most!!!

Gill said...

I sing the same tune every Monday... hate 'em!

Good luck with the boot camp - you're a braver woman than me!