Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to the hood (Take 2)

Lovely weekend which even included some suntanning! (The sun finally made a brief appearance only to be replaced today AGAIN by the rain) Anyway, did some more gardening and went to our favourite restaurant - the cuban place etc etc blah blah blah

And then....

this morning The Band's car was stolen.

Fortunately for my state of mind it was not stolen from our house.

Here's what happened:

The Band left this morning for the week - he's gone to bloem.

On the way (at like 4.50) he dropped off his car at a friend's house for the friend to use. At like 5.20 the friend went outside and the car was gone.

Anyone seen a white Isuzu double cab lying about?

The bad news is that we purchased the car through vehicle financing so it looks like even after insurance we will still OWE R30K AND not have a car. How rough is that???

Gutted. It feels like you are just crawling out of a hole and you get shoved into a deeper one. I am pretty frikken depressed. There go my plans for FINALLY doing up my lounge and much much much worse.... there go my plans for a WONDERFUL December holiday up to vic falls and mozambique. ("I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry")

This is not a sad thing. It is not even a scary thing. It is just an incredibly UNFAIR thing and that makes it so frustrating.


Ruby said...

agge nee!!!! oh hunny i'm soooo sorry! That is aweful:( Life is unfortunately terribly unfair, really which i could say something to the contrary, but i'd be lying.

Here's lots of hugs and kisses coming your way.....and prayers that you'll be strong.

Caz said...

Thanks lady :)
Twice in a month is pretty rough and yesterday I was really down about it.
But vandag is nog n dag and I am already feeling much better! (Your prayers must be working!) x

Miss T said...

Oh no Caz!! That is seriously you think there is any chance they may find it?! Insurance for the most part is a rip-off.

Tamara said...

Hectic. That is truly kak. Stellies is not too big though. Maybe they'll recover it. More prayers heading your way.

Caz said...

thanks ms t and mrs t :)
ya who knows hey? at this stage just hoping insurance covers what we owe so we at least are not sitting with debt and no car!!!
hmmmmmmmmmm it's reasons like this that prompted the good Lord to create CHOCOLATE!

Being Brazen said...

That sucks so much - so sorry to hear that happened.

Really hope you start having some good luck - as they say everything happens for a reason :)

lotus07 said...

Yupe....that pretty much sucks. I didn't know Isuzu made a double cab......then again, they don't sell Isuzu's in the states anymore.

Blue Sunflower said...

Ouch - I am sooo sorry.

That like so sucks. It is such an ugly, empty, hollow feeling....

It will get better..

blue :)

Gill said...

That is just terrible! You must be gutted.... Keeping fingers crossed that it works out better than you thought!